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Scroll through photos of some of the Woofstock president's 8,000 pieces of dog memorabilia. To read about her "splurge," <a href=""><b>click here</b></a>.

Woofstock president Marlene Cook and Barkley, the wheaten terrier she bought for her son 17 years ago that triggered her love for dogs that spawned both her business, running North America’s largest dog festival, and her pleasure, a collection of vintage dog memorabilia.

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Woofstock president and dog memorabilia collector Marlene Cook holds one of her favourite pieces, an antique French bulldog pulltoy, in front of a case displaying some of the rest of her collection of 8,000 pieces that she estimates is worth $200,000.

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A favoured piece: a rare French-made paper maché bulldog pull toy on wheels, with bulging eyes, a nodding head, a horsehair collar, and a barking noise when a chain is pulled, made in 1906. Ms. Cook said it is “remarkable” that the fragile toy has survived

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Marlene Cook, holding her rare bulldog toy, stands in front of a case containing some of collection of 8,000 pieces of dog memorabilia

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Royal Doulton china terrier licking his dish. Marlene Cook collects different terriers because her own dogs are wheaten terriers, a breed, she says, that didn't exist in Canada until the 1940s.Light Monkey Photography

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Dog bookends dating from the 1940s. Marlene Cook says she owns many vintage dog bookends to prop up the antiquarian books on dogs that she also owns, including this book that is part of the Beautiful Joe series.Light Monkey Photography

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Vintage pottery dog bowl that is part of Marlene Cook's collection. It is also a favourite because the dog is a terrier, as are her pets. She owns many original pottery dog bowls dating from the 1900s to the 1950s.Light Monkey Photography

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Marlene Cook displays some of the photographs, postcards and other memorabilia that make up her collection.

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