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Scroll through photos of the serial entrepreneur's island paradise. To read about her "splurge," <a href="'s-'history-and-mystery'i /article2207695/">click here.</a>

Krista LaRiviere kayaks at her northern Ontario retreat. She paid $300,000 for the island and the 1,000-square-foot log cabin located in a remote bay in the northeast corner of Lake Temagami.

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A giant white pine fronts the cottage. It was called the "hugging tree" by the original owners, who left a letter when they sold to Krista LaRiviere and her husband, Andrew Zyp.

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A side view of the cottage at Krista LaRiviere's northern Ontario island retreat. It was a rare find: most existing cottages with islands are passed down through families.

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A front view of the cottage. The property contains a bassic, two-bedroom log cabin, with no electricity and out of range of telephone service, making it a perfect escape from the demands of the high-tech world.

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A view from the treehouse looking out onto the bay. The property is a remote island on Lake Temagami in northern Ontario.

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A sunset shot. Giant white pines poke up through the treeline.

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A view of the cottage kitchen.

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The cottage's living and eating area.

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Another view of the living and dining area of the cottage.

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Krista LaRiviere's daughter Chloe, and son Marco Zyp at the base of the giant tree the family calls "the hugging tree."

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Krista LaRiviere's husband, Andrew Zyp, with their children, Marco and Chloe, and cousins Matthew and Ryan, in the rowboat they call the "Runamuk." It has a hole in it, takes in a lot of water, but nobody seems to mind, Ms. LaRiviere says.

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Looking out on the water are husband Andrew Zyp, daughter Chloe and son Marco.

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Children Marco and Chloe spend hours hunting for snakes and tadpoles

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Krista LaRiviere's children Chloe and Marco spend endless hours in the water together, she says.

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Krista LaRiviere loads up her kids and their cousins on the boat.

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Krista LaRiviere and her son Marco go boating

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The "Loony Bin," where guests love to stay, Krista LaRiviere says.

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Inside the sleeper cabin, nicknamed the Loony Bin/

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Husband Andrew Zyp, kids and cousins find success on a snake hunt.

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Up in the treehouse are Krista LaRiviere's husband, children,and their cousins.

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A view looking out from the treehouse. 'Once you're there, there's all kinds of nothing to do," Krista LaRiviere says.

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Krista LaRiviere, co-founder and CEO of gShift Labs.Michelle Siu

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