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In Pictures: Doll maker shows off award-winning collection

By day, Liz Conway operates 5-Star Spas, a quality assurance service based in Barrie, Ont. By night she’s an award-winning doll maker with a taste for expensive fabrics and lavish accessories. All photos courtesy of Liz Conway.

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Ms. Conway’s first winning doll in the Doll of Your Dreams contest. This is an a photo of a page from Doll Crafter magazine.

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Another one of her cherished dolls she made for her sister. She found a small replica of a grand piano, but since it was wider than 12 inches, she could not submit it for competition

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This is Ms. Conway’s infamous harlot doll that caused – what she calls – a “ruckus” at a competition for her come-hither look and risqué costume. A piece of black satin Ms. Conway picked up a few years ago gave her the inspiration for her harlot as she figured the material, trimmed with fur, would make a great boudoir outfit for a doll mould she’d picked out that came with a well-endowed figure and high heels.

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Since she started doll making, Ms. Conway has created 18 dolls and has given five as gifts to family or friends. She has competed nine times in the annual Doll Artisan Guild competition

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This doll was inspired by the 1920s flapper.

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Careful attention is paid the painting the doll’s face. During competition, Ms. Conway tries to complement the doll’s complexion with the outfit she selects for them

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Ms. Conway’s brother Bill Trainor with the golfer doll she made him as a gift

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Bride doll wearing a Grace Kelly-style 1956 bridal gown

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Here is a close-up of the bride’s face

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