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The owners of Love Jules Leather, Bicyclettes de Hull, and Pebble smartwatch have managed to make a career selling their wares on the web

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Joshua Blodans with his girlfriend and business partner, Julia Vagelatos. Their Whistler, B.C.-based business, Love Jules Leathers, sells handcrafted leather goods online on Etsy.

Love Jules Leathers

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A pair of handcrafted shoes by Love Jules Leathers.

Love Jules Leathers

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Julia Vagelatos, co-founder of Love Jules Leathers, will move the business to Vancouver in June, 2013, seeking quicker access to sources, sophisticated tools, and potential staff.

Love Jules Leathers

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The father of Jean-Francois Lapointe opened the first of the family’s two Bicyclettes de Hull stores in 1973. Mr. Lapointe chose to set up his online shop on eBay because it was the world’s biggest, best-known Internet platform.

Bicyclettes de Hull

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Within a year of going online, Jean-Francois Lapointe says Bicyclettes de Hull was eBay’s top bike suspension seller.

Bicyclettes de Hull

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Jean-Francois Lapointe soon branched Bicyclettes de Hull out into selling frames, seats, wheels, accessories, and then full bicycles on eBay.

Bicyclettes de Hull

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Eric Migicovsky, maker of the wildly popular Pebble smartwatch, says he chose Shopify as a sales avenue ‘because it’s pretty damn easy.’


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The Pebble smartwatch allows people to check their schedules, their email and their Twitter accounts without having to pull out a phone or tablet.


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Pebble started shipping product in early 2013, after first running the most successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign ever, raising $10 million.


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