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In Pictures: Bed and breakfast boasts impressive lawn ornaments

Model A Acres, a bed and breakfast located in Clarington, Ont, features a collection of restored cars and life-size replicas of airplanes constructed out of scrap metal

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Ian Baron was 21 years old when he restored his first Model A Ford, a 1931 street rod that he paid $350 for. He still owns it and is now worth $33,000. He’s restored eight Model As: five for the road (he sold three), three as static lawn ornaments at Model A Acres and one became a headboard for one of the guest rooms.

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The Sherman tank, started in Nov. 2012, was completed in July 2013. It’s mounted on a 1989 Silverado pickup truck. A paving company in London donated its rubber track and its windows came from a school bus. It can shoot small firecrackers toward the U-boat through a barrel made from light posts and a fire extinguisher.

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The 1944 Messerschmitt ME 109 G, modelled after German flying ace Adolf Galland’s plane. Although the planes are static and don’t fly, the rudders and other controls are operational.

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For their pond, Mr. Baron has constructed a World War II German U-boat. He originally thought about building an entire U-boat, but abbreviated his plans when he discovered that the original U-505 was 236 feet long.

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1944 Spitfire Mark 9 was his most challenging projecting, taking 18 months to construct.

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“If not for what I learned doing the Camel and the Red Baron’s plane, I never would have succeeded,” says Mr. Baron.

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Mr. Baron build the 1916 Sopwith Camel (cartoon character Snoopy's plane) to commemorate the Year of the Veteran in 2005.

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Their front lawn also features the 1918 DR1 Fokker, the Red Baron's plane

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