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In Pictures: Calgary builder's anti-sprawl housing projects

Alkarim Devani’s company builds modern, environmentally friendly houses near the city’s core

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Alkarim Devani, right, owner of Beyond Homes, and his wife Majida build on infill lots in Calgary. It’s a “passion driven” business that aims to help curb sprawl in the city’s suburbs.

Chris Bolin/The Globe and Mail

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The people at Beyond Homes design and build 10 to 15 modern, environmentally friendly houses each year on infill lots near the city’s core, in neighbourhoods such as Altadore, Brittania and Killarney. “We’re really challenging the marketplace right now with what we’re putting out there,” Mr. Devani says.

Ted Knude/Ted Knude Photography

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Beyond Homes focuses on custom builds that sell for $650,000 to $3-million and follow Built Green Canada protocols for sustainable construction. Majida Devani, Mr. Devani’s wife, is the head architect and comes up with the exterior concepts and designs.

Ted Knude/Ted Knude Photography

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To make its homes more affordable, the eight-person company has been building duplexes on former single-home lots, and is considering quadplexes to accommodate even more buyers.

Ted Knude/Ted Knude Photography

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Mr. Devani is ready to build more than just a dozen homes a year. But he needs additional financial capacity to pull it off. Land prices are rising, too. He is worried that his passion-driven business might scare off investors looking for easy returns.

Ted Knude/Ted Knude Photography

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Mr. Devani says, he won’t give up his business model. “I’d rather fail a thousand times chasing my dream than do something I didn’t enjoy.”

Ted Knude/Ted Knude Photography

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