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Scroll through photos of Red Canoe founder Dax Wilkinson and his plane. To read about his "splurge," <a href=""><b>click here</b></a>.

Red Canoe founder and president Dax Wilkinson and his family -- wife Kirsten Gauthier, son Finn and daughter Margaux Wilkinson -- with the single-engine Cessna 182 bush plane in which he bought a half-interest, realizing his life-long dream of owning his own plane.

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Dax Wilkinson atop his plane. "Flying is one of the most complicated, challenging and rewarding things I've ever done," he says. "You have to be so passionate and committed to get to this stage."

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Red Canoe National Heritage Brands Inc.'s products feature logos of iconic Canadian institutions. Here is company founder and president Dax Wilkinson.

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Dax Wilkinson beside his plane. The founder and president of Red Canoe National Heritage Brands Inc. produces clothing that features vintage aircraft logos.

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Dax Wilkinson's plane sits at the edge of the beach. While Mr. Wilkinson would not say how much he paid for his half-share of the amphibious single-engine Cessna 182 bush plane, asking prices for similar planes currently run from about $190,000 to $280,000, he says.

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The real draw for Dax Wilkinson in purchasing half-interest in a plane is so that he can take his wife and two children to their two bush camps north of Sudbury for weekends in the summer. Here is an aerial view of the family bush camp (the plane in this photo is not his).

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