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Recently, someone gave me critical feedback about one of the ads on my blog. The feedback was very pertinent, saying that the ad looked “scammish” and gave a bad impression of my blog. The ad was about an easy way to make online, to the tune of $2,000 to $3,000 a week. Unfortunately, we all know that there is no magic bullet to make this kind of money. However, I do believe that there are many very real opportunities online for young entrepreneurs to make a few extra bucks here and there. Again, there are no shortcuts to becoming a millionaire, but there are a few realistic ways to make a bit of cash quickly -- if you know where to look. Here are 10 ideas that you can use to get some pocket change online easily:

<b><a href="">Amazon Mechanical Turk.</a></b> Amazon’s version of a marketplace for work. Find tasks such as testing sites, writing articles, taking surveys, complete them and earn money.

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<b><a href="">Conduit</a></b>. This program allows you to create custom toolbars. Every time someone downloads your toolbar, you get paid. Get people to download the toolbar and you’ll receive a few dollars each time.

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<b><a href="">eBay</a></b>. Rummage through your old stuff, find anything of value that you don’t need, and sell it on eBay, Amazon or Craigslist. If you’re interested in going further than that, start selling your family and friend’s items for a commission.

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<b><a href="">Experts Exchange</a></b>. Are you a techie? If you are, join Experts Exchange and answer people’s questions on hardware, software, programming and more to receive rewards.

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<b></b>. Content sites are always looking to pay for quality content. Check out <a href+">eHow</a>, BrightHub, Constant-Content and cash in on your expertise.

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<b><a href="">Microworkers</a></b>. Make “micromoney” doing “microjobs” on Microworkers. Make money by completing tiny tasks online for people such as signing up for sites, Digging articles or linking to sites.

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<b><a href="">Chegg</a></b>. Students who need help post questions with cash rewards and depending on how well you answer it, you receive the cash. The top tutor has earned over $127,000!

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<b><a href="">99 Designs</a></b>. If you’ve alway been good at Photoshop, 99Designs is the perfect place to cash in on your skills. Enter logo, tshirt, icon, website, print design contests.

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<b><a href="">Fiverr</a></b> is a marketplace for $5 odd jobs. People offer jobs such as installing WordPress plugins, computer programming, translations, designing business cards and much more.

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<b><a href="">ChaCha</a></b>. This search engine is powered by real people. Each time you respond to someone’s search, you will be paid a small amount.

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