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French animated series and poetry book top crowdfunding list

Kickstarter and Indiegogo, two of the most popular donation-based crowdfunding sites in the country, give creative people the opportunity to fund their projects via online donations or pre-purchasing of products or experiences. Each month, The Report on Small Business will provide a snapshot of the top 10 Canadian entrepreneurial crowdfunding campaigns of the moment. The figures are accurate as of Feb. 28, 2014.

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WAKFU is a critically-acclaimed French animated series developed by Ankama Games. The company's goal is to grow its viewership by dubbing the series in English. So far the company has raised $483,524 of its $80,000 goal.

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A BRUISE ON LIGHT will be Shane Koyczan’s third major book of poetry. “Don't let the word poetry scare you... it'll be rad. I mention blobfish in it.” This is a "pretty straight forward project" to publish a print and ebook version of his new collection. The Penticton, B.C.-based poet has raised $91,154 of his $15,000 goal.

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PCBGRIP is an electronics assembly system designed to make it easier to assemble and work on electronics. Customizable, with open source flexibility, it holds printed circuit boards (PCBs), components, stencils, and everything else you need, improving both the quality and speed of assembly. It solves the challenges of hand electronics assembly faced by hobbyists, makers, and assemblers. The Toronto-based group has raised $79,338 of its $40,000 goal.

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NANOTIPS GLOVES is a liquid solution formulated using nanotechnology that turns every glove into a touchscreen-compatible glove. The Blue is designed for fabrics and is virtually invisible, while the Black is designed for leathers, rubbers and thicker material. The solution can even turn a pen into a stylus. The Vancouver-based company has raised $72,133 of its $10,500 goal.

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CALGARY ANIMAL ABUSE FUND. Vets To Go has pledged a $5,000 reward for anyone who provides information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the monster who perpetrated this incredible abuse. Inundated by people who want to support this cause, they have created this project to allow them to add to the reward being offered, as well as contribute funds for the fight to hold those who abuse animals responsible. The campaign has raised $72,136 of its $5,000 goal on Indiegogo.

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FIXMESTICK is a bootable USB device that makes virus removal simple, and won't harm your Mac. It’s also, as far as the company can tell, the first bootable external device for the Macintosh line. The Montreal-based company has raised $50,161 of its $50,000 goal.

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CAMPAIGN FOR INGRID. Ingrid, a 23-year-old woman who has been struggling with an eating disorder for several years now, needs intensive treatment that she cannot afford. Her family is asking for support in order for Ingrid to reach full recovery and take back her life. So far the campaign has raised $38,146 of its $60,000 goal on Indiegogo.

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ASHTANGA YOGA CENTRE OF TORONTO is the only traditional Mysore style studio in the Greater Toronto Area. The small business employs 20 individuals on a part or full-time basis and another 15-20 people who are exchanging hours or services for yoga. It is hoping to expand its practice room and mat storage area, add a treatment room and expand the ladies' change room. They also want to improve ventilation to both the practice room and change rooms. The Indiegogo campaign has raised $37,145 of its $60,000 goal.

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MISSION: SAVE MAEVA. Maeva has recently taken very ill in Panama and was hospitalized and showing no real sign of recovery. According to family, she needs to return to Canada so she can receive free health care and critical surgery to save her life. They are raising money to pay for an emergency helicopter and air crew needed to transport Maeva back to Canada and keep her alive. This will cost roughly $45,000 and the funds raised will go towards this to help the family cover these expenses. The Indiegogo campaign has raised $31,100 of its $45,000 goal.

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AVASTIN FOR SALLY SPENCE. Sally Spence was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and needs help paying for a cancer treatment drug that is not covered by OHIP or her benefits plan. The traditional chemotherapy drugs are no longer working and her cancer has significantly advanced. All hopes now rest on Avastin, a biological therapy that has been found to suppress tumour growth. The cost of one month of treatment is $2,630.00 with a yearly total cost to me of $31,560. The Indiegogo campaign has raised $30,730 of its $30,000 goal.

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