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If more business owners had time, and an even temperament, they could probably lower their cellphone bills.

But generally they don't.

Ted Gorsline, president of MobileVantage, and Yale Holder, CEO of, outline the most common ways people get dinged.

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Out-of-date plans

Many entrepreneurs signed up for cell service years ago, but they never bothered to update their plans. Telecoms won't always automatically give people an upgrade, Mr. Gorsline says, which means you could be paying outrageous fees for overages that should be covered.


Roaming charges, exceeding local calling minutes and long-distance fees can put a major dent in a bill. Mr. Holder says many people sign up for $50 plans, but they end up paying double because of all the extra costs. Buy a more expensive plan in the first place to cover unforeseen charges — you'll still be paying less at the end of the month.


As a company changes, so should its cellphone plan. A lot of people just add new devices to existing plans without checking to see if it makes sense, Ms. Gorsline says. As new staff is added, or more travel is required, review your contract.

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