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The Globe compiled 21 examples of historically large venture funding announcements in Canadian technology over the last 18 months. We limited it to companies that collected $10-million or more in funding, and together those 21 companies collected more than $784-million.

Total Raised
Total Amount
Amount Raised $ Company Name Location
100,000,000 Shopify Inc. Ottawa
85,000,000 Desire2Learn Inc. Kitchener
80,000,000 BuildDirect Technologies Inc. Vancouver
62,000,000 D-Wave Systems Inc. Burnaby
60,000,000 Hootsuite Media Inc. Vancouver
51,500,000 WP Technology Inc. Toronto
38,000,000 Kik Interactive Inc. Kitchener
35,000,000 Lightspeed POS Inc. Montreal
31,000,000 SHOP.CA Network Inc. Toronto
30,000,000 Miovision Technologies Inc. Waterloo
30,000,000 2NDSITE Inc. Toronto
24,000,000 Ranovus Inc. Ottawa
23,000,000 Slyce Inc. Calgary
22,000,000 BlackBridge Group Lethbridge
20,000,000 Themis Solutions Inc. Vancouver
18,000,000 Buildscale Inc. Kitchener
19,500,000 Vision Critical Communications Inc. Vancouver
15,000,000 MODASUITE Inc. Montreal
14,000,000 eSentire Inc. Cambridge
14,000,000 Bionym Inc. Toronto
12,000,000 Scribble Technologies Inc. Toronto