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Photos: 360º camera, little robots and sci-fi game top crowdfunding sites

Kickstarter and Indiegogo, two of the most popular donation-based crowdfunding sites in the country, give creative people the opportunity to fund their projects via online donations or pre-purchasing of products or experiences. Each month, The Report on Small Business will provide a snapshot of the top 10 Canadian entrepreneurial crowdfunding campaigns of the moment. The figures are accurate as of Nov. 15 at 5 p.m. ET

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10. WaveCheck is a tool to help women with breast cancer know if chemotherapy is working. The Toronto-based team raised $44,397 on Indiegogo.

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9. Terpstra Keyboard a new hexagonal keyboard controller design, that offers 280 color-changing continuous controllers. Designed by Siemen Terpstra, the keyboard has so far raised $57,131 (U.S.) on Indiegogo.

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8. PUSH is a fitness tracking device that measures strength. The Toronto-based company raised $114,335 on Indiegogo.

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7. The multicolor 3-D printer with liquid cooling will allow users to print an object with five different colors throughout the object without stopping to switch the filament. ORD Solutions, the Cambridge, Ont.-based company responsible for the project, has raised $116,592 on Kickstarter.

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6. Little Robot Friends are a collection of cute and smart autonomous objects. They can sense the amount of light in a room, they can hear with a small integrated microphone, they can detect your touch and they can also communicate with other robots using infrared light (like your TV remote). Aesthetec Studio, based in Toronto, has raised $123,659 for the project on Kickstarter.

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5. TellSpec is a device that shows allergens in your food. The Toronto-based company raised $180,639 on Indiegogo.

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4. The Bublcam is a 360º camera and software technology that shares everything around you through spherical photos and videos. Toronto-based Bubl Technology Inc. raised $244,683 on Kickstarter.

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3. Energy Aware Technology Inc.’s Neurio monitors your home’s electricity to figure out what your appliances are up to - without the need to install sensors on every device. The Vancouver-based company has raised $267,373 for the project on Kickstarter.

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2. RimWorld is a sci-fi colony simulation game driven by an intelligent AI storyteller. It follows three survivors from a crashed space liner as they build a colony on a frontier world at the rim of the galaxy. Created by Tynan Sylvester and Ottawa-based Ludeon Studios, the game has raised $268,132 on Kickstarter.

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1. Milton's Secret is a feature film based on the book by Eckhart Tolle and Robert S. Friedman. It's a coming of age story about an 11-year-old boy growing up in an economically depressed suburb, and the elderquest of his grandfather. Hulo Films, the Vancouver-based studio producing the film, has so far raised $287,179 (U.S.) on Indiegogo.

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