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Online bus tickets, fingerprinted jewelry and temporary tattoos embedded with chemical sensors; these are just some of the startups that generated buzz at the International Startup Festival held this summer in Montreal. Scroll through the photos below to learn more about the founders.


Ryan Parent is the co-founder of VidRack, a video testimonial website that gives businesses content ownership of their video reviews. Based in Ottawa, the startup makes it easy for customers to share their product reviews with businesses. Find out more about VidRack in this video: Want customers to send in video reviews? Here's how

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Louis-Philippe Maurice is the CEO of Busbud, a travel startup that sells bus tickets online. The company recently completed a first round of financing totaling $1-million co-led by Canadian funds iNovia Capital and Real Ventures. Learn more about Busbud in this video: Becoming the Expedia for bus travel

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Startup World

Hermione Way is the founder of Startup World, a global competition to find the next Jobs or Zuckerberg. The competition will be held in 20 cities world-wide, with the regional winners flying to Silicon Valley for a grand showdown to battle it out in front of a panel of expert judges to be crowned the world's best startup. To find out more about Startup World in this video: American Idol for tech startups

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Anastasia Valentine is the CEO of Sandbox, an idea to launch company based in Ottawa. From building a business plan, executing a marketing strategy or releasing new products, they "kick your project into high gear." Get more info on Sandbox in this video:From the sandbox to the market

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Lori Cheek is the founder and CEO of Cheek'd, a dating service with business cards based in New York founded in 2010. " I think it's a light and fun alternative to handing your regular card away. There's a bit of mystery behind the whole process," she says, describing her business. Find out more about Cheek'd in this video: Playing the love game with a full deck of cards

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John Windmiller is the co-founder of Electrozyme, an early stage company that uses temporary tattoos to measure and analyze the metabolic implications of your physical activity. Though the product is not yet available, he's optimistic that they'll be in market in the next year. Find out more about Electrozyme in this video: Testing fitness levels with temporary tattoos

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Artisans du passage

Charles-Olivier Roy is the CEO and founder of Artisans du Passage, a jewelry store based in Lévis, QC. Using 3D printing technology, he's able to craft truly personalized wedding bands using the fingerprints of brides and grooms via their mobile devices. Find out more about Artisans du passage in this video: A truly personalized wedding band

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Tattoo Hero

Steve Tannahill, CEO and co-founder of Tattoo Hero, a community based website that brings consumers and artists together. The startup was recently featured in The Globe’s Disruptors series. Find out more about Tattoo Hero in this video: A meeting spot for tattoo artists and collectors

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Jonathan Gottfried is a developer evangelist for Twilio, a cloud communications company that allows software developers to programmatically make and receive phone calls and send and receive text messages using its web service APIs. A self-described 'Pro Glasshole,' he's also in the midst of developing some of the applications for Google Glass. Find out more about Twilio in this video: Shaping the future of human interactions

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