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Donny Ouyang, owner of Kinkarso Tech Ltd. and full-time student at the University of Toronto, has been named a 2011 Student Entrepreneur Ontario Champion by charitable organization, Advancing Canadian Entrepreneurship (ACE).

Mr. Ouyang started his web consulting company, which develops for-profit Internet startups, in 2007. Over the past five to 10 months, he's been working on the company's flagship startup – – a peer micro-tutoring platform that allows students to share and ask for education help in real time. Once connected, the users are immediately placed in a live shared whiteboard environment, where the concepts in question can be communicated in a live chat setting.

"I have always wanted to realistically make the world a better place", said Mr. Ouyang, "Winning this award means so much because it confirms to me that I have taken the right steps."

His largest business accomplishments to date include being the 2010 Global Student Entrepreneur Award recipient in the high school division – a first for a Canadian, selling all assets within Kinkarso Tech to privately fund, and earning a six-figure revenue even before he started his University career.

In the latest of a series of monthly podcasts with ACE honourees, he spoke with Diane Jermyn about balancing student and working life.

Mr. Ouyang was here to take your questions. Click on the box below to read a transcript of the discussion. Mobile readers should follow this link.

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