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Contrary to the popularly held stereotype of the young American entrepreneur, it would appear the Zuckerberg types are quickly disappearing.Reuters

Only a few days into the New Year and the startup world has hit the 2015 ground running. This week a myth about the American entrepreneur is shattered, Bruce Croxon speaks to entrepreneurs in Toronto and shopping apps become our favourite smartphone tools.

Rebecca Cook/The Globe and Mail

The decline of young entrepreneurship in the U.S.

Contrary to the popularly held stereotype of the young American entrepreneur, it would appear the Zuckerberg types are quickly disappearing. The Wall Street Journal has recently reported that the number of under-30 entrepreneurs have been dropping rapidly over the last quarter century. In 1989, 10.6 per cent of American households headed by adults under 30 owned at least some stake in a private company. That number has been falling almost every year since, and the most recent findings for 2013 put that number at a shameful 3.6 per cent.

Fernando Llano/AP Photo

Buy your way into business

Those looking to take their first step into the small business world will get an opportunity to peruse some exciting opportunities this weekend at Toronto’s National Franchise and Business Opportunities show. The weekend long event will provide franchising opportunities ranging from Baskin Robins to Active Green and Ross. Tickets are $10 at the door but future entrepreneurs can practice their lean startup skills by buying a ticket in advance online for only $8.

Ryan Emberley/The Globe and Mail

Free advice from an ex-Dragon

The MaRS Discover District kicks of their first Entrepreneurship 101 workshop of 2015 in Toronto this week – a free weekly lecture series for entrepreneurs – by breaking out the big guns. Former Dragons Den investor and managing partner of Round 13 Capital Bruce Croxon will provide some free advice Wednesday evening, sharing his recipe for finding success and discussing some of the challenges he’s faced along the way.

Brian B. Bettencourt/The Globe and Mail

A growing addiction

Good news for entrepreneurs using mobile to boost sales: Yahoo-owned analytics firm Flury has released their annual mobile app usage report, which found a 76 per cent growth in app usage in 2014. The growth in mobile, however, was not so much driven by gaming and music, which only jumped 30 and 33 per cent this year, respectively. The real driver of our mobile addiction is lifestyle and shopping apps, which saw a staggering 174 per cent growth in usage over the last 12 months.

Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg

‘Surprise and bafflement’ at CES 2015

The future technologies that will come to shape our everyday lives, as well as a few that should have been left at the drawing board, are on full display this week in Las Vegas as part of the annual Consumer Electronics Show. Globe and Mail technology reporter Omar El Akkad has been reporting on the connected device revolution now on display in Nevada, while technology editor Shane Dingman reviews some of the less necessary inventions of the year.

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