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Some intrepid photoshoppers decided to have fun with the floods in the basement concourse of the Royal Bank of Canada tower

Sharks on Bay Street? As Homer Simpson once said, it's funny because it's true.

After a day of heavy rains in Toronto, the shopping concourse in the basement of Royal Bank of Canada's tower is filled with reeking water. Those brave enough to have ventured down to check it out say smells all too much like sewage. It seems the water may be flooding in from neighbouring Union Station, which shares an underground connection with the Royal Bank Plaza.

The flooding is leading creative types on the street to wonder what's lurking in the murk. A photoshopped photo is bouncing around email servers on Bay Street showing a pair of sharks circling in the water at the foot of the building's main escalators, leading to much joking about just which RBC employees decided to go for a swim.

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