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Euro notes are pictured at a bank in this photo illustration.LEE JAE-WON/Reuters

Can't-miss stories from the Web

First they came for the bankers
After a successful bid to cap bankers' bonuses, members of the European Parliament are casting their regulatory gaze at the hedge fund industry.

Meanwhile, the hedge fund scene in Asia ain't what it used to be.

Mark Cuban facing insider trading trial
The entrepreneur may appear in court over five-year old allegations of trading on confidential information regarding sales of shares.

The not-so-short war over Herbalife
Behind the egos, posturing and PR efforts that have defined the Herbalife saga to date, a stalemate has set in between the two camps – one that is unlikely to be resolved any time soon.

What colour is your parachute?
SEC filings reveal that Heinz CEO William Johnson might pocket more than $200-million after the company's acquisition goes through.

(Jody White is the Web Editor for Streetwise.)

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