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The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) headquarters in Washington.The Associated Press

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Dynamic duo
U.S. securities regulators tasked with policing opaque, high-tech areas of market trading have gained a powerful ally. The FBI has partnered with a new SEC unit with a mandate to look for market manipulation linked to high-frequency traders.

The partnership is an effort to help level the playing field between the bureaucratic SEC and the nimble, tech-savvy sector under its watch.

Southeastern seeks Dell shareholder list
Apparently unconvinced at Michael Dell's plan to take his company private, Southeastern Asset Management is seeking a full investor list from the company, as well as other books and records.

Bloomberg's William D. Cohan suggests that instead of arguing over the valuation of the company, Dell shareholders should either accept the deal as is or vote it down.

London Whale was only the tip of the iceberg
A Senate investigation report due March 15 on JPMorgan's "London Whale"-related losses is expected to blame several executives for allowing the bank to build the bets without fully warning regulators and investors.

Big shorts on the Loonie
Hedge funds are betting big that BoC Governor Mark Carney will drop his "tight money" bias and leave interest rates alone, resulting in a lower Loonie.

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