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Lexpert identifies and reports on emerging business issues and practice areas in the business of law. Whether online, in our magazine or in the DealsWire newsletter, we chronicle deals and lawsuits of interest, and cover issues of broad concern to the legal profession and those who purchase legal services. We hope you enjoy this sample of our latest content.

From the DealsWire: Crescent-Legacy merger, Cara IPO, Postmedia buys more content

The Lexpert DealsWire (subscribe here) documents facts, figures and key legal players behind recent deals.

This week's announced deal spotlight features the key players and figures in the $3.9-billion acquisition of Germany's Kaufhof by Hudson's Bay Co.

In our closed deals section, we look at the sale of Glentel to BCE and Rogers, as well as the joint venture transaction for 23 Canadian seniors living residences by Health Care REIT and Revera.

We also look at the players behind two oil and gas deals: Aspenleaf Energy's pickup of Arcan Resources and Whitecap Resources' acquisition of Beaumont Energy for $587.5 million.

Relief for franchisors

The original version of the Making Healthier Choices Act included a provision that made franchisors responsible for following through on new menu-labelling rules, even though it's the individual restaurant owners who make such day-to-day decisions. Ontario has since reversed that decision, franchise lawyers are happy to report.

Unworkable privacy regs?

Canada's proposed Digital Privacy Act, aimed at helping Canadians protect their personal information online, exposes everyone from a tiny convenience store to a multi-national corporation to onerous requirements they may not be able to meet, some privacy lawyers are warning.

How lawyers can harness technology

As the practice of law moves from meeting in person to conference calls and video-conferencing, from opinion and reporting letters to e-mails and texts, it is changing the way lawyers and clients interact. Lawyers who fail to harness these changes risk being left behind. Lexpert spoke with a number of lawyers who are leading the charge to avoid this fate.

Workplace violence gets heightened awareness

Almost one-fifth of violent incidents in Canada occur on the job. In recent years, Canada's largest provinces have toughened laws and regulations on workplace violence to cover bullying and harassment in addition to the use or threat of physical force. These measures, and the case law and arbitral rulings emerging from them, add to the legal obligations that employers have regarding workplace violence.

The Tucson ten

In his column on law department management, Catalyst Consulting's Richard Stock reports back from an Arizona conference where chief legal officers explored some of the core issues related to managing in-house.

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