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Joanna Wnuk

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Miners fear the end of the supercycle
China's economy no longer roars and supply constraints have eased up. The decision on where and how much to invest is now very difficult for miners.

Chinese freight traffic tells a sombre tale
Economic growth of 7 per cent, while rail traffic shrinks at 5.4 per cent? Something doesn't add up.

Speaking of China ...
"Anyone who thinks the slowdown in China will not affect growth and corporate earnings in the U.S. and elsewhere is, well, should we say, smoking crack."

And then there's China's bad-debt nightmare
A Societe Generale analyst sees a "multi-year and bumpy" landing for the Middle Kingdom.

This apartment can be yours for $27-million
Times may be tough on Wall Street, but not for Goldman Sachs vice chairman J. Michael Evans.

Isaac may touch off strategic reserve release
An explosion at a Venezuelan refinery and the closure of oil rigs and refineries in the Gulf of Mexico may push the U.S. to announce a release from its Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

There's gold in them thar waters
Toronto-based Nautilus Minerals wants to be the first large-scale miner of copper and gold from the ocean floor.

Investing is still a man's world
In households with more than $3-million to invest, men still see themselves wearing the pants.

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