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When you speak to references, you need to ask carefully crafted questions to get the real goods on a potential employee.

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The signal and the noise
Since its inception in 2011, Norwegian hedge fund Warren Short Term Trading has generated returns of 46.7 per cent (before fees). Their secret sauce reportedly involves never holding a position overnight. In fact, most trades last only a few minutes.

Robert Diamond's next life
Andrew Ross Sorkin pays a visit to the former Barclay's boss, and finds him still smarting from his spectacular fall.

Storm clouds gather over JPMorgan
Jamie Dimon has seen off more than his share of regulatory problems over the past few years, but this time may be different.

Warren Buffett's new foil
In an effort to challenge the love-in atmosphere that has come to define Berkshire Hathaway AGMs, Mr. Buffett has personally chosen Douglas A. Kass, the head of Seabreeze Partners Management, to ask him some tough questions.

(Jody White is the Web Editor for Streetwise.)

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