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RankDealDateAmount ($ 000s)*
1LightSpeed POS secures Series C financing2015-07-2878,897
2Clementia Pharmaceuticals closes mezzanine financing2015-06-2273,727
3Blockstream secures Series A financing2015-10-2772,826
4Kik secures additional Series C financing2015-08-1265,500
5Resverlogix closes strategic investment and private placement2015-07-2150,383
6Cynapsus Therapeutics close public offering2015-06-2339,936
7Telesta Therapeutics closes private placement2015-08-1937,103
8Influitive completes Series B financing2015-04-2936,387
9Coveo Solutions secures Series D financing2015-11-0535,000
10Scribble Technologies closes Series D2015-09-0935,000
11Cymax Stores secures Series A financing2015-08-1433,240
12Highland Therapeutics secures new financing2015-06-2431,038
13Real Matters secures new financing2015-05-0130,000
14Breather Products closes Series B financing2015-09-1026,453
15Trillium Therapeutics closes offering2015-04-0125,364
16GaN Systems completes Series C financing2015-02-2725,016
17Blueprint secures financing from Centana2015-11-1723,000
18Allocadia Software secures Series B financing2015-11-2222,000
19General Fusion completes Series G financing2015-05-0521,919
20Buildscale/Vidyard secures Serie B financing2015-01-1521,478
21Cynapsus Therapeutics closes private placement2015-03-3120,982
22Bit Stew Systems secures Series B financing2015-05-0120,970
23Milestone Pharmaceuticals secures Series B financing2015-06-1520,917
24SHOP.CA closes new financing2015-06-0120,000
25Thrasos completes new financing2015-03-1217,767
26500px closes Series B financing round2015-07-2116,849
27Corsa Technology secures Series B2015-03-1316,500
28CENX secures Series D financing2015-07-2316,301
29Xagenic secures Series C financing2015-07-1015,000
30Unique Solutions Design equity financing2015-06-0815,000
31ESSA Pharma completes financing2015-01-1614,383
32Trulioo secures Series B financing2015-11-2314,184
33Inception IBD closes Series A led by Versant Ventures2015-12-0914,100
34Clearpath Robotics secures Series A financing2015-03-1814,000
35InteraXon secures Series B financing2015-04-1313,939
36Luxury Retreats secures Series B financing round2015-02-1713,643
37BuildDirect completes new financing2015-06-2613,596
38Precision NanoSystems secures Series A2015-09-2213,400
39Enbala Power Networks completes new financing2015-02-2713,384
40Hortau completes new financing2015-12-2313,077
41FileTrek secures Series C2015-03-1812,771
42Crew Labs closed Series B financing2015-06-1512,141
43Wave Accounting closes Series C financing2015-04-0112,105
44Orckestra closes Series B financing2015-11-1212,000
45Miovision Technologis closes Series B financing2015-02-1112,000
46Fresche Legacy closes financing2015-10-1311,310
47Hubba closes Series A financing2015-10-0811,000
48Grouplend secures financing2015-08-1910,200
49Wealthsimple secures new financing2015-03-1710,000
50Power Survey and Equipment secures financing2015-12-1710,000

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