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Transcript: Another way to sort dividend stocks by yield Add to ...

Last week I showed you how to use Globein Ivestor to sort all the stocks in an index based on dividend yield. That method works great, but it’s kind of cumbersome.

Today I’ll show you a quicker way using the Watchlist tool. To make things simple, we’ll be focusing on the members of the TSX 60 index.

The first thing to do is get to your Watchlist page. I’m assuming you already have one, but if you don’t it’s a snap to set up.

Now, notice just above the search box there’s a button that says “Create New Watchlist.” Click on that, and then give your new Watchlist a name, something creative like “Dividends.”

Now that you’ve created a new Watchlist, the next step is to dump all of the symbols for the TSX 60 into it. That way, you’ll have all of the members of the index at your fingertips to check and sort whenever you want. Where do you find all the symbols?

They’re all right here in this handy blog post by my colleague Sonali Verma.

Just cut and paste the symbols into the search box on your new Watchlist. I’ve provided a link to the blog post below the video, which you can click on when the video is done.

Okay, once you’ve dumped all the TSX 60 symbols into the new Watchlist, you’re ready to sort based on dividend yield and other variables. Let’s go back to the Watchlist and I’ll show you how.

The first thing to do is to go over to the right side to the box that says VIEW. Make sure you have selected the DIVIDENDS view.

Once you’ve done that, you can just click on the column headings to sort by DIVIDEND YIELD, DIVIDEND GROWTH, PAYOUT RATIO and other factors.

The great thing about this method is that once you create your Watchlist, you can quickly access it. You can also add other dividend stocks to it that aren’t in the TSX 60. Just enter the symbol and click ADD TO WATCHLIST.

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