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In this Aug. 18, 2018, file photo, Robert Wickens prepares to qualify for an IndyCar series auto race in Long Pond, Pa.Matt Slocum/The Associated Press

Canadian IndyCar driver Robert Wickens is paralyzed from the waist down from injuries suffered in an August crash at Pocono Raceway.

The 29-year-old Wickens has been updating his rehabilitation progress on social media and posted a video Thursday of his “first slide transfer as a paraplegic” that showed him moving from a table to his wheelchair . His videos had shown for the past month that he is working daily to move his legs again, but Thursday’s post was the first time he publicly confirmed his paralysis.

“I’ve only been posting videos of the small movement in my legs, but the reality is I am far away from walking on my own,” Wickens wrote. “Some people are a bit confused with the severity of my injury, so I wanted let you know the reality of it. I’ve never worked harder for anything in my life, and I am giving it all I’ve got to spark those nerves in my legs.”

Wickens recently left an Indianapolis rehabilitation facility for one in Colorado.

He crashed at Pocono on Aug. 19 and suffered a thoracic spinal fracture, spinal cord injury, neck fracture, tibia and fibula fractures to both legs, fractures in both hands, fractured right forearm, fractured elbow, four fractured ribs and a pulmonary contusion. Earlier Thursday, three-time NASCAR champion Tony Stewart told The Associated Press he is reconsidering a return to the Indianapolis 500 because of Wickens’ crash.

A video earlier this week showed Wickens successfully moving each leg slightly and he declared he’d be dancing in no time. He is scheduled to be married next September and fiance Karli Woods also posts regular videos to her Instagram stories of Wickens’ rehabilitation.