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Let’s play Blue Jays Bingo!

Enhance your TV viewing experience with an interactive bingo game made just for Blue Jays fans

For the second straight year, the Toronto Blue Jays will be one of four teams playing in baseball's two League Championship Series, vying for the right to play in the World Series. For those who want a little second-screen game to play alongside the TV broadcast, we’ve developed a playoff version of Blue Jays Bingo for those watching at home or from the comfort of their favourite bar stool.

To play, generate a card for your favourite device below. We have two options: Complete a single line across, down or diagonally, or try to fill the whole card. Enter the conditions of the game (home or away) and your local environment – can you hear the announcers calling the game, or are you in a noisy bar or perhaps listening to the Isotopes’ “Let’s Go Blue Jays” on repeat instead of the play-by-play? (We won’t judge.)

Tap a square to select it. Get a bingo and declare yourself a winner – whether or not the home team reaches the promised land of the World Series.

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How are you watching the game?

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