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The Phanatics Add to ...

By now, you know the drill: great sightlines, a massive scoreboard in left field, some bleacher seats, a wide variety of food options, and plenty of microbrews at reasonable prices. I don't know about you, but I'm just about used to it by now. I'd recommend, either before the game or after, a trip to McFadden's Restaurant & Saloon. It's connected to the ballpark, there's live music, and cheap beer; what else do you want in life?

Inside the stadium you'll find ... a ton of Phillies fans. The main concourse is crowded because the place is sold out. And that means lineups for concessions and the washrooms are long, but, really, you know you wouldn't have it any other way. If you're looking for food, head to the area behind the outfield walls, Ashburn Alley. I went with Chickie's & Pete's famous crab fries; they're $6. Because I wasn't feeling quite fat enough, I went with the $2 cheese dip as well. And a Coke Zero for $4.50. Let's just say that out of the three, I'd recommend the Coke Zero. They're regular fries, with some crab seasoning. Try something else, and don't bother with what was at least a 100-person-deep lineup for the fries. Don't get me wrong, the line moved fast; it's the only reason I gave it a whirl. But the fries left more to be desired. The quest to find life-altering fries continues.

Beer. It costs you $7.25, both domestic and premium. Check out this lineup of beers available at the ballpark that I'd never heard of before: Flying Fish Farmouse Summer Ale, Landshark Island Style Lager, Redbridge Gluten Free, Victory Hop Devil, Long Hammer IPA, Yards Extra Special Ale, Newcastle Brown Ale, and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. You've also got your usual suspects: Bud and Bud Light, Blue Moon, Sam Adams, etc. The point is: options. And that's all you can ask for, isn't it?

He's In A Better Place

I've been putting off writing about this, but it's time: Roy Halladay's found a good home. Philadelphia, rightfully, has taken to him. Doc's going to get the chance to win it all, and that's what matters. The good Lord above knows he deserves that opportunity.

I saw a ton of Halladay T-shirts and jerseys at the game on Friday. He hasn't been a Phillie long, but my worst fears were that he wouldn't be appreciated like he was in Toronto. And let no one tell you that he wasn't appreciated in Toronto. Because he was. And, while with a heavy heart, I'm glad to report that Halladay is indeed appreciated in Philadelphia. Here are some of the better responses I got in regards to Halladay now rocking red pinstripes, and wowing the city with his penchant for complete games and shutouts:

"Twenty-million a season? Worth every penny."

"He was always putting up good numbers up against the Red Sox and Yankees, but I had no idea he was this good. You know, because he was up in Toronto."

"We thought Cliff Lee was great. Halladay's on another planet." (Editor's note: He's not on another planet; he's from another planet.)

"I'd let Doc have my babies." (Editor's note: me too.)

My favourite Halladay remark came from a gentleman named Tony. Wearing a Doc jersey, he simply reached out to shake my hand and said: "Thank you."

You're welcome, Tony. Enjoy Doc. There will never be another Roy Halladay.

Who Knew?

They, the Americans, tailgate before baseball games in Philadelphia. Did you know this? Because I did not know this. I thought it was a football only phenomenon. But it makes complete sense. And I can't believe I didn't think of it before.

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