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Images from the Calgary Stampede's chuckwagon races

"You have to do the corner tight because for every eight feet out from the rail your rig is, your horses have to run another 125 to cross the finish line,” says Rick Fraser.

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Rick Fraser heading for the back stretch.

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Rick Fraser tips his head down to avoid the dirt. This is the "eat my dust" position.

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Rick Fraser along the fence line - tight on the corner.

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Chuckwagons rounding a corner at the Calgary Stampede.

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Dirt flies at the Stampede.

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More wagons at the Stampede.

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One of the nine daily chuckwagon races at the Stampede.

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With no rear-view mirrors, the drivers have to be alert for the presence of the other chuckwagons.

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Chuckwagon driver Rick Fraser and son heading out from the marshalling area to the start line.

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Seth, one of the 20 thoroughbreds in Rick Fraser's barn, lets him in on the secrets of winning chuckwagon races. Maybe he is the "human whisperer!"

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