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Enes Kanter takes to Twitter trying to find a dinner date

The Utah Jazz centre utilized the power of social media in an attempt to find some companionship

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GOOD WEEK Not that any media outlet is irreproachable when it comes to headline writing, but there are minor mistakes and there are whoppers, like dropping the ‘u’ from Doug Fister’s name.


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Still,’s unfortunate snafu brought some much merited attention to a man who set an American League record on Thursday, striking out nine consecutive batters to lead the Tigers to a crucial 5-4 victory over the Kansas City Royals.

Duane Burleson/AP

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GOOD WEEK Apparently, it pays to play for Manchester United. Nineteen-year-old Ryan Tunnicliffe made his debut for the Red Devils last Wednesday, but it was his father who really cashed in, earning £10,000 ($15,922) in the process. Tunnicliffe Sr. made a £100 bet 10 years ago that his son would one day play for the Red Devils, and that could be just the tip of the iceberg: he also put down another £100 at the same time that his son would one day play for England at 350-to-1 odds


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GOOD WEEK Pro athletes have some really tough decisions in life. Lamborghini or Ferrari? Dom Pérignon or Cristal? Savile Row or Madison Avenue? Utah Jazz centre Enes Kanter had his own cranial conundrum last Tuesday, when it came to some dinnertime company. “Eating dinner @Cheesecake downtown, looking for a blonde to eat dinner with me at my table. Does anyone wanna join me ?” he tweeted. Whether or not he got an adequate offers is unknown at present, but clearly whatever transpired was enough to change his mind about the hair colour of his companions, causing him to take to Twitter with this follow-up: “Just finished dinner. Thanks Twitter 3 Now need a massage. BRUNETTES WELCOME ;).” It’s a tough life at times.


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BAD WEEK As the saying goes, the customer is never wrong, but can the same be said for sports fans? Apparently, the Seattle Sounders are willing to find out: putting the MLS club’s general manager’s job on the line and subject to the ever-whimsical fancies of the faithful with an online vote. As part-owner, and part-time actor, Drew Carey put it: “I had one person say, ‘You let the fans vote? What do the fans know?’ That was exactly the phrase. And I go, ‘Well, the fans know as much as the sports reporters know.’” He may have a point

Ted S. Warren/The Associated Press

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BAD WEEK According to one NFL executive, the league commissioner “has been as upset as anyone else has about some of these mistakes” purported by the replacement referees. Really? So Roger Goodell was one of the unlucky punters who lost a combined $150-million (U.S.) on the bungled call that ended the last Monday Night Football?

Bill Kostroun/AP

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Unlikely, but at least he had the wherewithal to correct the situation by getting the real officials back to work by Thursday. See what can be done when enough people actually care about the situation, nudge, nudge, wink, wink, Gary Bettman?

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