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Expectant father Bush has interesting take on raising a girl

The Miami Dolphins' running back said a trip to the gun store may be in order if his pregnant girlfriend gives birth to a girl

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GOOD WEEK A $1.5-million (U.S.) first prize can do a lot of things for the winner, but rather than splashing the cash on a new Bentley, a trip to Las Vegas or a desert island, Justin Rose has more modest plans after knocking off Tiger Woods and Lee Westwood to win the World Golf Final Friday.


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“I am building a house in the Bahamas,” he told the Mirror. “I am sure the tiles will be nicer now. [His wife] Kate will do a good job.”


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GOOD WEEK It was Alex Smith, above, and not Joe Montana under centre, and Frank Gore took care of rushing duties in lieu of Roger Craig, but last Sunday the San Francisco 49ers did something they’d never done in the Bill Walsh glory days, putting up 621 yards of offence. They also became the first team in NFL history to gain both 300 yards of passing and rushing in the same game.

Tony Avelar/AP

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But while that’s all well and good, you have to consider the opposition. If it looks like a high-school team and plays like a high-school team, then it probably is the Buffalo Bills.


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BAD WEEK Despite playing for the Miami Dolphins, 2012 hasn’t been all bad for the one-time Heisman Trophy winner. Reggie Bush found out that his girlfriend was pregnant with his first child, but his excitement was tinged with concern.


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“I’m hoping for a boy because if it’s a girl, I’m going straight to the gun shop to buy some guns,” he told a radio show this week, which was surprising to nobody. It comes with the territory when your surname is Bush.

J. Pat Carter/AP

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BAD WEEK Apparently five championships and an MVP award has done little to calm the NBA superstar’s infamous temper, and he still refuses to let bygones be bygones. Looking back on the 2005-06 season, when the Lakers managed “only” 45 wins, Kobe Bryant said on Wednesday:

Sue Ogrocki/AP

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“I almost won an MVP with Smush Parker and Kwame Brown on my team. I was shooting 45 times a game. What was I supposed to do? Pass it to Chris Mihm or Kwame Brown?” Way to take the high road, Kobe.


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BAD WEEK After going 2-for-13, A-Rod was yanked from the starting lineup on Thursday … at Belmont Park. Unlike the Yankee third baseman, though, batting just 2 for 16 before being removed from the starting lineup for Friday’s crucial game with the Orioles, the equine namesake wasn’t actually removed for his 2012 win-loss record.


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Instead he was withdrawn once the race was switched from grass – his preferred surface – to dirt.

Kathy Willens/AP

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