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Demaryius Thomas catches a pass before a football game against the Seattle Seahawks in Denver, Sept. 9, 2018.The Associated Press

Demaryius Thomas, a four-time All-Pro receiver with the Denver Broncos, died of complications from seizures, the medical examiner in Fulton County, Georgia, said Sunday.

Thomas died Dec. 9 at his home in Roswell, Georgia, less than six months after he retired from the NFL. He was 33.

In July, doctors at Boston University who examined Thomas’ brain found that he had CTE, or chronic traumatic encephalopathy, the degenerative brain disease associated with repeated head hits. The disease, which can only be posthumously diagnosed, does not cause death. Doctors said they believed Thomas’ seizures were brought on by a 2019 car crash in which his head cracked the windshield and a hydraulic rescue tool was needed to remove him from the vehicle.

Dr. Ann McKee, the neuropathologist who examined Thomas’ brain, said it would have been highly unlikely for CTE to cause his seizures, and Thomas most likely died of suffocation after a seizure.

While the cause of Thomas’ death was officially determined, Bertram Ennett, an investigator in the Fulton County medical examiner’s office, said the manner in which he died was still undetermined.

Thomas’ driver found him lying in the shower in his home, according to Bobby Thomas, Demaryius’ father.

Bobby Thomas and other family members and friends said Demaryius Thomas’ seizures had become more numerous and pronounced in the final year of his life.

Thomas dealt with headaches during his NFL career, which began in 2010 when he was drafted in the first round out of Georgia Tech. Thomas returned to play the 2019 season, his final one, with the New York Jets, appearing in 11 games. He continued working out in 2020 but stopped training midway through the year because the frequency of his seizures increased. He sat out that season and officially retired in June, 2021.