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Incredibly rich, but very, very cheap Add to ...

DAVE MCGINN -- Tiger Woods may be incredibly rich, but he's apparently a very, very cheap date. In the new issue of Vanity Fair, set to hit news stands on April 7, several of Woods' mistresses paint the golfer as quite the penny pincher.

The magazine has posted a few of the more tawdry details from the article on its website.

Mindy Lawton, the fifth alleged mistress to come forward, claims the only thing Woods ever bought her was a chicken wrap from Subway.

Jamie Jungers told the magazine she broke off her affair with Woods because he would not help her financially.

But Woods did allegedly spend big time on one of his mistresses.

Loredana Jolie Ferriolo, a former Playboy model, claims she went on $15,000 shopping sprees and charged whatever she bought to Woods' hotel room.

That sure beats a meal from Subway.

The article, entitled " The Temptations of Tiger Woods," offers up plenty of scandalous claims that are sure to haunt Woods this week at the Masters.

While Tiger may have scrimped with his mistresses, he spared no expense when it came to gambling in Las Vegas, according to the article.

"Tiger plays big," one source told the magazine, adding that Woods would gamble up to $30,000 a hand. And who was Tiger playing poker with? Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley, according to the magazine.

And in what is perhaps the article's darkest detail, Tiger's late father, Earl, is painted not only as a womanizer himself but also as a heavy drinker.

The article also contradicts Woods' claim that no one in his circle knew about his hanky panky. Jamie Jungers claims she arranged her liaisons with Woods through Bryon Bell, one of the golfer's close friends and the president of Tiger Woods Design.

And it gets even worse for Woods, who is no doubt trying to focus on what's arguably the biggest tournament of his career.

On Friday, Woods' kindergarten teacher held a press conference in which she accused Woods' of lying about being the victim of a racial attack on his first day of school.

In an interview for a book by Charles Barkley published in 2005, Woods claimed a group of older children tied him to a tree, painted the N word on him and threw rocks at him.

Woods' teacher says he was lying about the attack and is asking for a personal apology.

You know you're in a bad way when even your kindergarten teacher is calling you a liar.

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