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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is challenging the U.S. President to a bet as the Montreal Canadiens face off against the Tampa Bay Lightning in the Stanley Cup final – a gamble Joe Biden readily accepted.

Trudeau proffered the “friendly wager” to the commander-in-chief in a Twitter post around 9 p.m. last night, along with the hashtag “GoHabsGo.”

Biden replied three minutes later, deadpanning, “You’re on pal,” though the stakes of the bet were not clear.

Patrick Brazeau, an Algonquin Senator from Quebec, weighed in a few minutes later, warning Biden that the last time Brazeau made a wager with Trudeau – on a boxing match between the two parliamentarians in 2012 – he lost and had his ponytail “snipped.”

The odds have shifted since Trudeau’s tweet – posted with the Canadiens already down by at least a goal – after the Lightning dominated Montreal to win 5-1 in the first game of the series Monday night.

During the Sochi Olympics in 2014, then-president Barack Obama wound up owing former prime minister Stephen Harper 48 beers when the Canadian women’s and men’s hockey teams triumphed over their American counterparts.