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Hockey players will sport new jerseys at the upcoming Winter Olympics and Paralympics in Sochi with a little help from Nike's design team. Hockey Canada and Nike officially unveiled what they called the "most innovative jerseys to date" at Mattamy Athletic Centre in downtown Toronto on Tuesday.

Not only are the jerseys more aerodynamic and 15 per cent lighter than they have been in the past, but they are eco-friendly, too. (Each is made from about 17 recycled plastic bottles).

But sport science and technology aside, how do Canada's new hockey sweaters rate in terms of fashion and overall design?

Tiyana Grulovic, fashion director at Flare magazine, weighed in:


Waving flag: I like the maple leaf graphic on the red and white jerseys. The way it's done is really simple and graphic. It has been cleverly continued onto the arm, where the number will be.

Backing the black: The black jersey is really well branded. It's concise and clear. It's a great logo.

Fitting in: I like that they're fitted. In a way, they have to be anyway. But one of the best things about being an athlete is that you work really hard for your body, it's nice to put a little bit of it on display.


The red and white jerseys are a little bland.

So which hockey jersey prevails as the fashion winner?

"I think my favourite is the one that says Canada," Ms. Grulovic said. "I love the black with the gold and the red.

Team Canada 2014

  1. Stretch hole mesh under the arm for added ventilation
  2. Reinforced neck area provides a closer fit to prevent slipping
  3. Reduced seaming eliminates weight and creates a "more traditional blocked look"
  4. Lightweight letters and numbers reduces overall weight
  5. Each jersey is made from about 17 plastic bottles and the socks use approximately five plastic bottles
  6. Zoned ventilation and articulated sleeves for full range of motion

Team Canada 2014

Team Canada 2014 - Alternate

Illustrations by Matt Bambach
Source: Nike and
Compiled by Stuart A. Thompson