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Images of what the new Dallas Stars logo is expected to look like for 2013-14 season

The Dallas Stars are set to unveil their new uniform and logo on June 4th but it appears the new design may have been leaked ahead of schedule.

According to several internet postings, fans reported seeing the new logo as part of the wallpaper offering on the team's iPhone application. The new logo features the letter D with the five protruding points of a star in a predominant green, black and white colour scheme. The colour yellow, which has been part of the logo and identity since the team's inception in Minnesota back in 1967, appears to have been dropped in favour of silver.

There is also a secondary logo which features the "D" star as part of a circular crest, which has been adopted recently by several other NHL teams in the last year - Minnesota, St. Louis and Florida.

The wallpaper image also seems to indicate that the new uniforms will not be sporting the logo on the chest. Instead, it appears the team have opted to use the city name with the player's number in a new font style while the circular logo lives on the shoulder sleeve.

When the Stars announced they were updating their logo for the upcoming season, owner Tom Gaglardi said they were going for something "classic, simple and true-to-hockey".