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VANCOUVER--For the first time since he was exonerated by the NHL for putting the bite on Boston Bruins centre Patrice Bergeron, Alex Burrows appeared Friday for a question-and-answer session with press.

Burrows, who plays with the Sedin twins on the No. 1 line for the Vancouver Canucks, said he wasn't worried about the telephone interview he had with NHL disciplinarian Mike Murphy, who conducted the hearing.

"I've had a few calls from the league over the years," Burrows acknowledged. "They've always been great. I really respect those people. They have a tough job and they have tough decisions to make."

Burrows said he's enjoyed the last couple of days, waiting for the Stanley Cup final to resume with Vancouver holding a 1-0 best-of-seven series lead.

"It's the Stanley Cup finals and I've been working all my life to be in this position. Obviously, with the last incident, the league's made a decision and I've moved on. Now, I'm focusing on a big game tomorrow."

Burrows took four penalties in the series opener and head coach Alain Vigneault suggested one - a goalie interference call - was largely unwarranted. The contact, in that case, did appear to be incidental and the Canucks have said they reached out to the NHL to get a clarification about why those calls are made if Tim Thomas is always leaving the crease to stop the puck.

Thomas's counterpart, Roberto Luongo, changed his style this season, to play deeper in the net, and Vigneault implied it had to do with avoiding incidental contact.

According to Burrows, the answers were expected to come late Friday.

"At the same, I've got to be aware, around the net, to make sure I can't bump the goalie," he said. "That's his ice if he's already there. I have to be smarter and make sure I don't put my team down a man."

And Burrows had a funny answer about how he was spending all his down time. Vancouver has played only once in the past 10 days and thus, the players have had unusually high number of days off.

"I've been managing my fantasy baseball team," Burrows said. "I know Roberto's team has been struggling. I've been putting in the works and the hours, so I'm succeeding."

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