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The cheeky monkeys at Spike TV have blasted away at the Olympic city, calling Vancouver Canucks fans the fifth-most annoying in all of sports, and the most regal butt-pains in the NHL.

Habs fans are ninth on account of infrequent bathing, and tormenting their star players (we'll defer to French Immersion on both accounts). Mysteriously, Leafs fans don't make the top 10.

Canuckleheads lose points for their arrogance in the face of "zero Stanley Cups, no Hall of Fame players," and they rank ahead of English soccer hooli…fans, and the brainwashed disciples of Al Davis and Jerry Jones.

Spike warns: "Next time you see a suspected pyramid schemer in the corner of a trendy wine bar sporting a $200 hair cut, $900 suit, and emanating a distinct air of scumbag from his Drakkar Noir-soaked pores - go ahead and ask him about Kevin Bieksa."

You can find the list here. And you can find an interview with the author here.

The dude's credentials: Canadian-born, Vancouver family, graduated from UVic, summered in B.C.'s interior, former Phoenix Coyotes beat reporter and radio host, Flames fan living in L.A.

"There's really not much separating them from the No. 1 spot," David Breitman tells Team 1040 AM of Canucks fans. "I think if they applied themselves, they could certainly be the most annoying people on the planet."

Perhaps most remarkably, Canuck Nation seemed to own up to its annoyance on Thursday. More than 72 per cent of the radio station's poll respondents acknowledged that, yes, they were irritating.

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