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Harry How

Who says NHL games are too expensive?

Why if you'll simply head to Dallas, there's a $9 ticket available these days, as per the team's Twitter account on Thursday for their game against the Calgary Flames.

Be warned though, once you add in convenience fees and taxes, your seat will cost $10.09.

The tickets are part of a new set of prices that came in under new ownership a few months ago, and the $9 tickets are avaliable only on game days and for the worst seats in the house.

They're apparently pretty popular.

After all, that's a pretty good deal. Beer will cost you more than that in many arenas in North America, and parking is roughly triple that near the Air Canada Centre in Toronto.

The Stars attendance is also so low – 13,244 a game, third worst in the NHL – that there will be a lot of available seats in case you want to stretch your legs.

You should be able to get your $9 worth anyway.