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Houston: Selling the Stars Add to ...

U.S. (and Canadian) media may wring their hands over violence in hockey, but consider how one of the league's more successful franchises is selling the game in the United States:

The following are billboard titles used by the Dallas Stars to promote the 2007-08 season.

-- Ultimate Fighting. What A Friendly Little Sport. Come into the cold. -- The Ticket Covers The Hockey. The Boxing Is A Bonus. Come into the cold. -- At 32 Degrees Water Freezes And Blood Boils. Come into the cold. -- Watch People Fight at Work. Come into the cold. -- Their Whole Paycheck Is Hazard Pay. Come into the cold. -- Meet Our Defenders - Assault And Battery. Come into the cold.    The Stars also used the opportunity to take some shots at the other sports leagues: -- One Game A Week? Is The N in NFL For Nancy? Come into the cold. --  Maybe Baseball Should Stop Using The World Sacrifice. Come into the Cold. And NBA commissioner David Stern will love this one: -- The Only Things Our Refs Shave Is the Ice. Come into the cold.

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