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Free agency day didn't have the wild money tossed around like usual, and trades overshadowed most of the signings. Yet there are still some clear winners and losers from July 1.


- With the weakest free-agent pool in recent history, NHL general managers kept themselves from overpaying. No contract was longer than six years, Andrej Sekera's US$33 million with the Oilers was the most money and Mike Green's $6 million with the Red Wings the highest cap hit.

- Edmonton continued its makeover by improving the blue line with Sekera, so the Calgary Flames brought back goaltender Karri Ramo at a reasonable $3.8 million and signed sought-after "utility tool" forward Michael Frolik. The next few seasons of this rivalry should be fun.

- Getting rid of Phil Kessel, even at 27 in the prime of his career, is a major step forward for the Leafs because it's the start of their real teardown. Now that Kessel is gone, Tyler Bozak and/or Joffrey Lupul could be next as management begins to rebuild.

- Being a third-pairing defenceman with the Capitals was the slap in the face and Mike Green said he needed to move on. The only defenceman to score 30 goals in a season in the past 10 years will be a top-four presence for the puck-moving Red Wings under new coach Jeff Blashill.


- Losing is a relative term in this market, but the Vancouver Canucks embraced the team-in-transition label put on by GM Jim Benning. Getting Brandon Prust for Zack Kassian and a fifth-rounder is a downgrade, and replacing Kevin Bieksa with Matt Bartkowski doesn't make them better.

- Unable to get a top-six winger, the Ottawa Senators also lost a nice player in Erik Condra, who signed a three-year deal with the Lightning. Eric O'Dell is a nice depth signing, but Condra's departure leaves a hole in Ottawa's forward ranks.

- Winnipeg brought Alexander Burmistrov back from the KHL on a two-year deal softened the blow of losing Michael Frolik to the Calgary Flames, but that's still a bit of an unknown. Drew Stafford returned, which is a plus, but Frolik's absence will hurt more than anyone realizes.

- It's hard to say a player who cashed in on a $19-million free-agent deal is a loser, especially considering it's a major raise for the big winger. But Matt Beleskey got less than most expected, and probably could have stayed in Anaheim at that price on a five-year contract.

- Spinning blossoming star Brandon Saad into centre Artem Anisimov and prospect Marko Dano was nice, but the cap-strapped Chicago Blackhawks will face some growing pains. Anisimov replaces Brad Richards, who left for Detroit, and unrestricted free agent Johnny Oduya's future is still unknown.

July 1st deals (ordered by total contract)

Andrej SekeraDEDM (LA)6$33 M$5.5 M
Michael FrolikFCGY (WPG)5$21.5 M$4.3 M
Paul MartinDSJ (PIT)4$19.4 M$4.85 M
Matt Beleskey FBOS (ANA)5$19 M$3.8 M
Mike GreenDDET (WSH)3$18 M$6 M
Francois BeaucheminDCOL (ANA)3$13.5 M$4.5 M
Antoine VermetteFARI (CHI)2$7.5 M$3.75 M
Blake ComeauFCOL (PIT)3$7.2 M$2.4 M
Mike RibeiroFNSH (NSH)2$7 M$3.5 M
Thomas Hickey DNYI (NYI)3$6.6 M$2.2 M
Justin WilliamsFWSH (LA)2$6.5 M$3.25 M
Zbynek Michalek DARI (STL)2$6.4 M$3.2 M
Brad RichardsonFARI (VAN)3$6.24 $2.080
Mikael GranlundFMIN (MIN)2$6 M$3 M
Stanislav GalievFWSH (WSH)2$ 6 M$3 M
Mark LetestuDEDM (CBJ)3$5.4 M$1.8 M
John MooreDNJ (ARI)3$4.8 M$1.6 M
Daniel WinnikFTOR (PIT)2$4.5 M$2.25 M
Barrett Jackman DSTL (STL)2$4 M$2 M
Karri RamoGCGY (CGY)1$3.8 M$3.8 M
Erik CondraFTB (OTT)3$3.75 M$1.25 M
Michal NeuvirthGPHI (NYI)2$3.25 M1.625 M
Alexander BurmistrovFWPG (KHL)2$3.1 M$1.55 M
Thomas GreissGNYI (PIT)2$3 M$1.5 M
Gregory CampbellFCLB (BOS)2$3 M$1.5 M
Brad RichardsFDET (CHI)1$3 M$3 M
Matt HunwickDTOR (NYR)2$2.4 M$1.2 M
Matt BartkowskiDVAN (BOS)1$1.75 M$1.75 M
Steve DownieFARI (PIT)1$1.75 M$1.75 M
Shawn HorcoffFANA (DAL)1$1.75 M$1.75 M
Yannick WeberDVAN (VAN)1$1.5 M$1.5 M
Riley NashF CAR (CAR)1$1.5 M$1.5 M
P.A. ParenteauFTOR (MTL)1$1.5 M$1.5 M
Curtis McKenzieFDAL (DAL)2$1.35 M$675 K
Nate ProsserDMIN (MIN)2$1.25 M$625 K
Jhonas Enroth GLA (DAL)1$1.25 M$1.25 M
Zack StortiniFOTT (PHI)2$1.2 M$600 K
Paul ThompsonFNJ (NJ)2$1.15 M$575 K
Patrick EavesFDAL (DAL)1$1.15 M$1.15 M
Viktor StalbergFNYR (NSH)1$1.1 M$1.1 M
Marc ArcobelloFTOR (ARI)1$1.1 M$1.1 M
Adam PardyDWPG (WPG)1$1 M$1 M
Cody HodgsonFNSH (BUF)1$1 M$1 M
Richard PanikFTOR (TOR)1$975 K$975 K
Anders LindbackGARI (BUF)1$875 K$875 K
Mike Kostka DOTT (NYR)1$800 K$800 K
Matt HalischukFWPG (WPG)1$750 K$750 K
Cal O'ReillyFBUF (VAN)2$700 K$700 K
Taylor ChorneyDWSH (PIT)1$700 K$700 K
Raphael DiazDNYR (CGY)1$700 K$700 K
Eric O'DellFOTT (WPG)1$700 K$700 K
Derek GrantFCGY (OTT)1$700 K $700 K
Chris ButlerDSTL (STL)1$675 K$675 K
Ryan CarterFMIN (MIN)1$625 K$625 K
David WarsofskyDPIT (BOS)1$600 K$600 K
T.J. HensickFCAR (AHL)1$600 K$600 K
Mark BarberioDMTL (TB)1$600 K$600 K
Matt LindbladFNYR (BOS)1$600 K$600 K
Jim O'BrienFNJ (AHL)1$575 K$575 K
Andy MieleFDET (DET)1$575 K$575 K
Kevin PorterFPIT (DET)1$575 K$575 K
Kael MouillieratFPIT (NYI)1$575 K$575 K
Steven OleksyDPIT (WSH)1$575 K$575 K
Brian GibbonsFNYR (CBJ)1--
Pat CannoneFSTL (STL)--
Jason AkesonFBUF (PHI)--
Mike McKennaGFLA (ARI)2--
Richard BachmanGVAN (EDM)2--
Brent RegnerDFLA (AHL)2--
Marc HagelFMIN (MIN)2--
Matt HackettGANA (BUF)2--
Chris ConnorFPHI (WSH)2--
Dustin JeffreyFARI (NYI)2--
Tom McCollum GDET (DET)1--
Rasmus RissanenDCAR (CAR)1--
Sena AcolatseDFLA (FLA)1--
Viktor TikhonovFCHI (KHL)1--
Matt DonovanDBUF (NYI)1--
Taylor FedunDVAN (SJ)1--
Jayson MegnaFNYR (PIT)1--
Ruslan FedotenkoFMIN (AHL)1--
Joel Hanley DMTL (AHL)1--
Dylan ReeseDARI (ARI)1--
Cameron GaunceDFLA (DAL)1--
Carter CamperFWSH (AHL)1--
Sean CollinsFWSH (CLB)1--
Mike MooreDWSH (AHL)1--
Aaron NessDWSH (AHL)1--
Joe PiskulaDANA (NSH)1--
Chris MuellerFANA (NYR)1--
Davis Drewiske DPHI (MTL)1--
Tim BrentFPHI (KHL)1--
Matt TaorminaDTB (AHL)1--
Zac DalpeFMIN (BUF)1--

Deals prior to July 1st

June 30Martin JonesGSJ (LA)3$9 M$3 M
June 30Ryan WhiteFPHI (PHI)1$800 K$800 K
June 30Andrej SustrDTB (TB)2$2.9 M$1.45 M
June 30Anders LeeFNYI (NYI)4$15 M$3.75 M
June 30Dougie HamiltonDCGY (BOS)6$34.5 M$5.75 M
June 30Brenden DillonDSJ (SJ)5$16.35 M$3.27 M
June 30Patrick MullenDOTT (OTT)1$600 K$600 K
June 30Michael LeightonGCHI (CHI)1$575 K$575 K
June 30Brian FlynnFMTL (MTL)2$3.8 M$1.9 M
June 30Drew StaffordFWPG (WPG)2$8.7 M$4.35 M
June 30Brendan Smith DDET (DET)2$5.5 M$2.75 M
June 29Jacob MarkstromGVAN (VAN)2$3.1 M$1.55 M
June 29Linden VeyFVAN (VAN)1$1 M$1 M
June 29Antti NiemiGDAL (SJ)3$13.5 M$4.5 M
June 29Jay Beagle FWSH (WSH)3$5.25 M$1.75 M
June 29Ian Cole DPIT (PIT)3$6.3 M$2.1 M
June 29Chris WidemanDOTT (OTT)1$800 K$800 K
June 29Mike Blunden FTB (TB)1$600 K$600 K
June 29Andrej NestrasilFCAR (CAR)2$1.825 M$912.5 K
June 29David RundbladDCHI (CHI)2$2.1 M$1.05 M
June 29Austin WatsonFANA (NSH)2$1.15 M$575 K
June 29Chris VandeVeldeFPHI (PHI)2$1.425 M$712.5 K
June 27Devan DubnykGMIN (MIN)6$26 M$4.33 M
June 26Joakim AnderssonFDET (DET)1$815 K$815 K
June 26Adam McQuaidDBOS (BOS)4$11 M$2.75 M
June 26Mike FisherFNAS (NAS)2$8.8 M$4.4 M
June 26Carl SoderbergFBOS (COL)5$23.75 M$4.75 M
June 24Curtis McElhinneyGCBJ (CBJ)2$1.6 M$800 K
June 15Torrey MitchellFMTL (BUF)3$3.6 M$1.2 M
June 2Jeff PetryDMTL (EDM)6$33 M$5.5 M
May 20Andrew HammondGOTT (OTT)3$4.05 M$1.35 M