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Beijing will restrict the number of daily visits to cultural relics during the 2008 Olympic Games, to keep them safe from theft, vandalism and disorderly lineups, says the Beijing Cultural Heritage Administration.

An online report on the official news agency Xinhua, quotes Kong Fanzhi, a director of the administration, as saying cultural relics on display in the Chinese capital are to undergo a thorough "facelift" before the Games open August 8, and any renovation, except for emergency repair, will be suspended during the Games.

Kong said the "facelift" includes the renovation of the exterior of ancient constructions and roofs which could be seen from adjacent streets so as to enable visitors to "see Beijing through cultural relics".

The "facelift" also refers to improved service improving, with more than two staff in charge of reception and visitor service at display sites. There will also be an improvement of access to sites for the disabled, he said.