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Just championship desserts Add to ...

Hi gang, well after a harrowing and very nearly Naylor-esque travel adventure back from the Coupe Grise*, we've returned at last to the land of poutine and Jean Charest.

We'll spare you the details, which are boring.

Suffice it to say words like "de-icing" and "soul-destroying wait in a Prairie snow storm" and "no cabs" are involved.

Whatever, that's not why you come here to waste your employer's time.

So on to our deadly serious, pithily expressed, unique opinion du jour.

As all of you know, we here at French Immersions LLC take great pride in our commitment to total and complete fairness - except for our executives, who of course enjoy more fairness than the others.

So we were as pleased as the rest of you when during our daily survey of the Quebec media (how else do you think we find stuff to say on this thing? I mean, really?) we noted that there is only one team of the moment in this province, and it doesn't play hockey.

Not merely content to relegate the Habs to second-class status for a few days, Les Oiseaux even feel the temerity to hold a parade, and we love a parade, on Ste. Catherine tomorrow.

Good on them, we say.

In fact, we kind of think of it as the great grinding wheel of fate squeezing out some retribution for last week, when the piffling matter of a trade involving a Habs fourth-liner (what was his name again?) overshadowed the small matter of the Alouettes spanking the B.C. Lions in the Eastern Final and heading to the Grey Cup.

Their seventh in 10 years. When's the last time the Habs did that? Dunno about most of you, but we were still in short pants.

And it's a belated measure of justice for last year, when the Grey Cup game was in Montreal and some jerky promotions guy thought it would be a good idea to upstage it with Patrick Roy's jersey retirement.

Memo to The Organization: Karma has no sense of humour.

Of course, the Habs are playing against their auld enemy the Leaves of Maple Trees tonight, and just now they announced that the Molson brothers have officially become owners of the team. Presumably that will mean a round of interviews, and might chase the Alouette hoopla off the front of the sports section.

But we hope not. It was garbage bag day today at the Olympic Stadium, and Anthony Calvillo and Marc Trestman both indicated they plan on being back next year. Next year's parade will follow the usual route.

When we eventually achieve our goal of world domination, a new ethos of fairness and virtue will prevail: champions get the ink and the airtime, mediocre 12th-place teams fight for the scraps.

Hey don't laugh, weird things happen all the time - look at Sunday night.

* Our friend and distinguished colleague Dave Naylor of Sideline View has the worst travel luck of all time (for those who missed it, check this out. First rule of Globe Club: Never speak about Globe Club. Second rule of Globe Club: Never travel with Naylor. As far as we know he's still sitting somewhere in the Calgary airport or trying to get his luggage back from Lagos.

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