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Leafs GM Brian Burke doesn't think much of ESPN's hockey coverage

A look at the winners and loser from the past week in sports

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GOOD WEEK One of the great inequities of life is that when you get rich, people start giving you stuff for free. Hours after clinching his first Grand Slam title with a win over Novak Djokovic in the U.S. Open on Monday, Andy Murray celebrated with friends and family at Manhattan hotspot Hakkasan, racking up a bill of $6,448.

Mike Groll/AP

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Of course, the restaurant comped the food and drinks, leaving Murray to pay the service charge of $1,289.60 – not exactly a stretch for a man who’d just earned $1.9-million for his Flushing Meadows triumph.

Charles Krupa/AP

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GOOD WEEK Brandon McCarthy may have endured three hours of surgery to repair his fractured skull, but at least his funny bone is still firmly intact. Like any man with a new lease on life, McCarthy decided to seize the moment Tuesday by tweeting, “Well if being discharged from hospital isn’t the best time to ask about a threesome then I’m fresh out of ideas.”

Darron Cummings/AP

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With her husband clearly on the mend, Amanda McCarthy felt the time was right to restore natural order to their marriage. “I WILL strike someone with a brain injury,” she retorted.

Chris O'Meara/AP

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BAD WEEK Brandon Weeden, the rookie Browns quarterback set the tone for his NFL debut when he was taken down by an oversized Stars and Stripes in pregame warm-ups and trapped under the flag for a few minutes until it passed over.

Mark Duncan/AP

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It got no better for him when the game kicked off either, as the 28-year-old freshman was sacked twice and picked off on four occasions in a 17-16 loss to Philadelphia, but he can take comfort looking at the big picture. After all, when you play in Cleveland, a one-point loss can be considered a moral victory.

Mark Duncan/AP

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BAD WEEK Be careful what you wish for. Earlier in the week, Chicago quarterback Jay Cutler chided the embattled Green Bay defence’s claims that it would get physical with the Chicago wideouts, wishing them “Good luck. We invite press coverage. We invite man.”


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Well, he certainly got his wish, as the Green Bay defence swarmed all over the cocksure gunslinger, sacking him seven times in Thursday’s Packers win. As the English would say, Cutler is clearly “all talk and no trousers.”


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BAD WEEK The Maple Leafs general manager took umbrage with ESPN ranking the sad-sack franchise as the worst team in North American professional sports. “ESPN’s hockey coverage stinks,” Brian Burke raged on Monday.


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“I don’t think they know anything about Canada. I don’t think they know anything about hockey.” After presiding over four seasons without playoffs in Toronto, the word touché springs to mind.


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