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Only days after former governor-general Adrienne Clarkson unveiled her trophy for supremacy in Canadian female hockey, it's now clear which teams will be competing for the silver Cup.

The two best leagues in Canadian women's hockey have buried their differences and announced yesterday that they have merged.

The National Women's Hockey League and the Western Women's Hockey League had been discussing, since December, ways to bridge the differences that had them competing for two separate titles.

Yesterday, they announced the reorganized NWHL will operate with East and West divisions next season in an 11-team league. The two best teams will almost assuredly compete for the Clarkson Cup.

The new league's formation was reached during the same week that the former governor-general presented her Clarkson Cup to members of Canada's Olympic gold-medal winning team.

"[Clarkson's]legacy is that she built the Cup and my legacy is that I built the league," said Susan Fennell, the mayor of Brampton, Ont., who is resigning this week after eight years as NWHL commissioner. "The NWHL is like the [National Hockey League]-- it's the foremost women's hockey league in the country. The idea was that if we're going to play for one championship, then come in under the umbrella of the NWHL."

Fennell said formalizing the Clarkson Cup as the championship trophy of the NWHL is in the hands of Hockey Canada. Clarkson donated her trophy to amateur hockey's governing body on Monday.

Fennell said it was unfortunate the announcement of the reorganized NWHL and the unveiling of the Clarkson's Cup did not occur together.

However, she said she had no knowledge of the trophy's unveiling this week.

"It would have been good timing, there's no question about it," Fennell said. "It would've been excellent."