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Tiger Woods watches play as he stands on the sixth hole during his foursome match at the Presidents Cup golf tournament at Harding Park golf course in San Francisco, in this October 8, 2009 file photo. (SHAUN BEST)
Tiger Woods watches play as he stands on the sixth hole during his foursome match at the Presidents Cup golf tournament at Harding Park golf course in San Francisco, in this October 8, 2009 file photo. (SHAUN BEST)

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Liveblog: What did you think of Tiger Woods's apology? Add to ...

[Comment From Fraser Fraser : ]

Tiger Woods could possibly become the greatest golfer of all time. What he did was morally reprehensible; however, professional sports has always been forgiving to athletes (i.e. Michael Vick, Todd Bertuzzi). Let us keep things in perspective. Tiger Woods is an exceptional golfer with a less than exceptional character. He has lost his wife, his endorsements, and most importantly, he has lost the respect of many of his fans. When he returns to golf, Tiger should be given a clean slate by the media and fans alike.

Sarah Hampson:

His greatest resurrection however will be on the golf course - for onlookers to see whether he is truly able to put this scandal behind him through an ability to focus on the ball, as it were.

[Comment From john vann john vann : ]

Tiger needs his claws cut - meaning: declawed. Do you think he'll come out being humble? His attitude in the past seems NOT to enable him to change.

[Comment From Guest Guest : ]

how do reporters feel about the orchestrated image protecting type of "news conference" going on here? Only his media "friends" and no questions??? Seems like this is not the right way to do damage control

Sarah Hampson:

I agree that we shouldn't much care about the private lives of sports stars - I mean, we didn't elect the guy. But we did participate as a gullible culture in his image of perfection, and for that reason, I think our interest in his fall from grace is enormously fascinating, if only as a comment on our collective desire to beleive in a fantasy.

[Comment From vlad vlad : ]

Curious to note that so many people are judging Tiger not for his sports accomplishments but on his personal life. I don't respect him for his gross personal failings but his a sportsman and a very good one. We have forgiven others - Kobe, Michael McQuire, Rose etc. what about him?

[Comment From seid seid : ]

Most of us would cheat on our partners but very little of us being caught. Don't you think it his own personal business. Take my word he will break the Jack's record in two years

[Comment From PJ Reece PJ Reece : ]

Yes, well, Tiger IS human just like the rest of us...and it seems to me that critics are ignoring that fact.

Sarah Hampson:

Well, to the question of how the media feels about the "orchestrated" event and these so-called "friends" of Tiger who are allowed to be part of the announcement - the reporters of the world hate that stuff - we like scrums, where we can get someone to say something and ask questions - but in this case, with a silence since the Driveway Incident in November last year, anything he says, no matter how controlled, will be parsed and analysed and eagerly lapped up by the media. Which is why many outlets are streaming the press conference on their websites. Any word is better than no word.

Jeff Brooke:

Good morning all.

[Comment From Jackie Jackie : ]

Most of us DO NOT cheat on our partners. Tiger is better than everyone else as a golfer but not as a human being. I don't think he knows how to be honest. His golf skills are untouchable but he doesn't know how to be a real human being. His entire life is a facade. I'm sure the press conference will be a joke.

Sarah Hampson:

Interest in his personal life will wane considerably if Elin stays with him and he gets back to playing brilliant golf. He needs to make this apology - publicly - so he can move on - and so can the media. That's the hope.

[Comment From Mike Mike : ]

I think this press conference is Tiger's opening gambit to smooth things over in time for the Masters. My feeling is he should have taken a year off to really whet the public's appetite for his return.

[Comment From James James : ]

Once a rat always a rat. Going forward recognize him for his golfing ability and do nothing to validate his endorsement power. Make a statement.

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