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Tiger Woods watches play as he stands on the sixth hole during his foursome match at the Presidents Cup golf tournament at Harding Park golf course in San Francisco, in this October 8, 2009 file photo. (SHAUN BEST)
Tiger Woods watches play as he stands on the sixth hole during his foursome match at the Presidents Cup golf tournament at Harding Park golf course in San Francisco, in this October 8, 2009 file photo. (SHAUN BEST)

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Liveblog: What did you think of Tiger Woods's apology? Add to ...

[Comment From Pedro Pedro : ]

Can't wait to see him play at the Masters...

Jeff Brooke:

There's a bit of news breaking already. The U.S. golf writers were invited to attend Tiger's presentation but are boycotting.

[Comment From Guest Guest : ]

To me the important stories that should be focused on are the ones that impact what has propelled the athlete to the spot light in the first place, which for the majority of professional athletes is their superior talent. Do I ask the Doctor who is about to remove my gallbladder if he has ever cheated on his wife or do I focus on how many successful operations he has performed (one has no bearing on the other yet the Media continues to focus on the other) .

Jeff Brooke:

They don't like the restrictions put on the number of media that can attend. And they want to be able to ask questions.

[Comment From Sharon Sharon : ]

This is not curious at all. It has been going on for months now. He created the goody goody image and made a lot of money from it through endorsement. Good for him to be able to parlay his image into cash. But at some point he has to pay the piper. Maybe not today but eventually it will come home to roost. He has made a fool of himself IMHO.

[Comment From Michale Michale : ]

Hopefully some good will come from this experience. We have admired Tiger for his golf and we are saddened that he was unable to carry out professionalism in his private life. Men may not be bothered by these issues unless caught in the act. Addiction takes many forms. I hope for his wife and family that Tiger can turn this around. Good Luck. Men and women in careers that take them into the headlines should also expect the public is going to expect the "Golf Star' or career star to lead a "Super Star" private life. Everyone will remember Tiger with a blemish, and though it may not be our business, the private life of drugs, cocaine, sex with others will always be just that, a blemish on a fine reputation. Reputation is very important.

Sarah Hampson:

For a guy who is said to be extremely controlling and private, you have to think that even having this "orchestrated" press conference is cringe-worthy - for him. That he is being forced to acknowledge his mistakes like this is not a happy thing for a control freak. He's trying to make it as painless as possible by keeping it brief, not taking questions, etc. He wants us to to forget and concentrate on him as an athlete. For golf fans, I don't think that'll be too hard, based on some of the comments above. You want your hero back.

Jeff Brooke:

You're right Sarah. It is a bit bizarre. Can you think of anyone else in similar circumstances who's had a press conference that's not really a press conference? I wonder why he didn't just post another message on his website if he wanted to remain distant.

Sarah Hampson:

I find it fascinating that so much of his image rehabilitation potentially rests with his wife. By all accounts, she is a class act, from a good family, not interested in being a groupie - that kind of thing. And yet, there she was, flaunting her wedding-ring-less hand as she filled up her SUV shortly after the scandal broke. I read that as, hey, this girl wants us to know how she feels.

[Comment From Matt Bennett Matt Bennett : ]

It all just seems too phony and rehearsed. Is Tiger likely to get heckled by the gallery at future gold events? How will he handle that since he is notoriously thin-skinned?

[Comment From Al Al : ]

Actually statistics say that MOST people cheat....and they statistically say that more than half of all men and WOMEN cheat.....lets get the facts straight.....odds are your partner is or has.....sorry

[Comment From Gil Gil : ]

Our culture seems to have a preoccupation with the personal lives of celebs; to the point where disrespecting their privacy harms not only them but also their families and friends. It seems the media no longer draws a line as to what they will report as long is it sells.

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