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Tiger Woods watches play as he stands on the sixth hole during his foursome match at the Presidents Cup golf tournament at Harding Park golf course in San Francisco, in this October 8, 2009 file photo. (SHAUN BEST)
Tiger Woods watches play as he stands on the sixth hole during his foursome match at the Presidents Cup golf tournament at Harding Park golf course in San Francisco, in this October 8, 2009 file photo. (SHAUN BEST)

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Liveblog: What did you think of Tiger Woods's apology? Add to ...

[Comment From JennyL JennyL : ]

Interesting Jeff - I feel like Tiger (and his team) are trying to puppeteer the public - nice to know not everyone is getting suckered in.

Sarah Hampson:

Frankly, one of things I will be focusing on at this press conference is his face. Will we see scars from stitches? One person I know said he heard that the golf-club swing - from lovely wife, Elin - the night the infidelity allegations tore up their marriage knocked out some of his teeth. I have also read that one of the reasons he has been hiding for almost three months is that he had to heal - physically. What will his face look like? Am I the only person interested in that?

[Comment From PJ Reece PJ Reece : ]

How is it that people claim to know so much about Tiger's 'character'? Unless you're seeing something I don't see on the tube. This righteousness coming from his critics is predictable and ugly.

Jeff Brooke:

I've heard a few players say this week that they just want to see his face and hear his voice. Just so they know he really still is out there, somewhere. I guess that's part of the reason for the on-camera statement.

[Comment From Sharon Sharon : ]

He is dreaming in technicolour if he thinks he can continue to control this situation. The paps along are not going to let this go. It sells too many newspapers and magazines. Until he his once again know for golf as opposed to his sexual escapades, the circus will continue with Tiger as the lead clown.

[Comment From larmaj larmaj : ]

Woods has nothing to apologize for. His infidelity is a private matter between him and his wife.

[Comment From Brodie Fenlon Brodie Fenlon : ]

We'll also post audio as soon as possible and our main story will be updated throughout the presser.

Sarah Hampson:

Listen, who knows anything about someone else's character? But with people who make their living based on a projection of their character - the way Tiger did, to the tune of millions - well, I think that as consumers of that image, we have a right to question the character he sold us. But that doesn't mean we will ever truly know it. I just feel it's a Faustian deal Tiger (and other celebes) make when they agree to be celebrities, to sell an image - means they have to live up to it in a way, no? Otherwise, it means nothing.

[Comment From Guest Guest : ]

he is still a lucky man.....all that money.....all those women...we all want it!!!!

[Comment From Warren Warren : ]

Out of curiosity: what's wrong with sleeping around that we in the media have to lambaste him like this? His wife hit him in the face with a golf club. Imagine how this would play if she was the cheater and he clubbed her in the face.

[Comment From Jackie Jackie : ]

Elin was used as a pawn by Tiger's people to create the image of a wholesome family man so he could get more endorsements. Elin is part of the facade as much as Tiger is.

Rasha Mourtada:

Statement due momentarily at 11 a.m. - watch it here http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/watch-tiger-woodss-statement-11-am-et/article1474164/

Sarah Hampson:

Oh come on. I think Elin loved the guy. And yes her lily-whiteness helps his all-Amercian image, but let's be gentle (and generrous) for a moment and consider that they may have really loved each other - and may even now want to fix it.

[Comment From Kashif Kashif : ]

We (including myself) put a lot of expectations on sports figures. At the end of the day the are human and make mistakes, some over and over again. Let God judge the man, the rest of us should just enjoy his golf game.

[Comment From Michale Michale : ]

Yep there are men and women who cheat, do we give them admiration for deviant behavior. Tiger did not have to marry. Tiger had it all, money, reputation, women, fame; so why get married? If you make vows, are we not to expect you to hold to them? Do not make vows if you are unable to keep them. Elin was used by Tiger, and just because men and women cheat, does not make it right.

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