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Tiger Woods watches play as he stands on the sixth hole during his foursome match at the Presidents Cup golf tournament at Harding Park golf course in San Francisco, in this October 8, 2009 file photo. (SHAUN BEST)
Tiger Woods watches play as he stands on the sixth hole during his foursome match at the Presidents Cup golf tournament at Harding Park golf course in San Francisco, in this October 8, 2009 file photo. (SHAUN BEST)

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Liveblog: What did you think of Tiger Woods's apology? Add to ...

[Comment From Andrew Andrew : ]

Personally I think he was an idiot for getting married. If he had never gotten married he could have slept with anyone he wanted and no one would have cared.

Rasha Mourtada:

Sarah - from that statement, do you think he's left the door to reconciliation with Elin open?

[Comment From rajib rajib : ]

tiger concentrate on ur games & not on the media

Sarah Hampson:

The Buddhist bit was interesting, and I have to say that his mother's presence was important. Their hug at the end was touching. You have to imagine that she was enormously disappointed in him.

Sarah Hampson:

Oh, I think reconciliation with Elin is very possible, based on what he said.

[Comment From RS RS : ]

It takes a LOT of balls to do what he's just done. He's accepted responsibility for his actions, he's made a seemingly heartfelt public appology and he's now actively seeking help for his problems. He's trying to change, obviously so cut the guy some slack.

[Comment From Sam Sam : ]

This entire thing is a perfect microcosm of how ridiculous our society is. He hurt his family irreversibly. He owes absolutely nothing to anyone else, yet he is forced by media pressure to stand up in front of tens of millions of people and apologize to them, as if he had wronged them.

[Comment From don don : ]

On his own for so many years, then gets married and suddenly elin finds out, ya right. She knew before, and during, and then decided to change her mind.

Rasha Mourtada:

What do you make of the fact Elin wasn't there?

[Comment From Guest Guest : ]

This is just damage control. The sex therapy, the apology, all of it.

[Comment From Guest Guest : ]

yes he deserves some slack and grace but the buddhism has got to go

[Comment From Moosehead Moosehead : ]

Being from Quebec, I was disappointed with the lack of French in his apology. (hehe)

[Comment From TheTruth TheTruth : ]

"that Elin somehow hurt or attacked me on Thanksgiving night. It hurts me that people would fabricate a story like that" End the speculation and tell what happened.

[Comment From dave dave : ]

a tiger can't change his stripes. Once a cheater always a cheater. Run Elin Run.......................

[Comment From Troy Troy : ]

I was surprised his wife wasn't there... that was a big statement! If she was going to work on it, I think she would have been there for this!

[Comment From George George : ]

I think for the average guy on the street what happens in his personal life is between him and his wife. However when you are a billionaire because of the public he needs to be accountable

Sarah Hampson:

Also interesting about how he denied any domestic violence. I think that was important to set straight, because that was certainly a big point of speculation. I also thought that his mention of how Elin told him that it wouldn't be his words that mattered but his actions - well, yes, Tiger, that's what all women know. Don't judge a guy by what he says, but by what he does. Words are so, so easy.

[Comment From TheTruth TheTruth : ]

lame. if he is taking accountibility...then allow questions to be asked and answer them honestly

[Comment From larmaj larmaj : ]

Maybe now the "ladies" he cheated with can issue their own apologizes as well. But I guess it was all Tiger's fault, not theirs.

[Comment From Brian Brian : ]

I'm sorry but he used to go on and on about what his father taught him. To say you thought "normal rules did not apply" is a pile of crap.

[Comment From tom tom : ]

He's no ordinary Joe. He had to do this to control the damage to his already tarnished image. Image = $$$

Rasha Mourtada:

We'll be posting full text of the apology soon.

[Comment From Sam Sam : ]

Spend 2 minutes googling "Buddhism" before you judge it. Would wearing a wooden cross make all this go away?

[Comment From Lizabeth Lizabeth : ]

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