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Tiger Woods watches play as he stands on the sixth hole during his foursome match at the Presidents Cup golf tournament at Harding Park golf course in San Francisco, in this October 8, 2009 file photo. (SHAUN BEST)
Tiger Woods watches play as he stands on the sixth hole during his foursome match at the Presidents Cup golf tournament at Harding Park golf course in San Francisco, in this October 8, 2009 file photo. (SHAUN BEST)

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Liveblog: What did you think of Tiger Woods's apology? Add to ...

[Comment From Guest Guest : ]

He needs an acting coach. Statement incredibly staged. Shaking head at scripted moments. Rehearsed sighs. Looked like a real bad soap actor

[Comment From dave dave : ]

just because Tigers says "there was no domestic violence" does not mean it didn't happen. Remember this guy is pretty good at lying. That we know for sure

[Comment From Puffin Puffin : ]

It's all about control and the challenge of pulling this off.

[Comment From sue sue : ]

he did nothing any different than any other high powered athletes....they all cheat. the people who surround them condone it. tiger was taken down for reasons that dont make sense. what about the hockey, baseball, football and basketball players that are still just that.

[Comment From Nancy Nancy : ]

Tom at 11:17 was dead right - he thinks the world is waiting on the edge of their seats breathlessly waiting for word from Tiger.

[Comment From Kat Kat : ]

He is just another man that was in the media, let it go to his head with all the females throwing themselves at him, did his man thing and the only reason he is apologizing is "HE GOT CAUGHT" . And yes it is a public matter because he of all his "public' endorsements!! If you want to be a super star and make money from the public then be prepared to answer to the public!!!

[Comment From Jackie Jackie : ]

The whole thing was totally staged and rehearsed. Nice touch to put the three women in the front row so they would be seen the whole time. Seemed to me all men in the rest of the room. Wonder how much he paid his PR people for that?

Sarah Hampson:

I agree, Jeff. He admitted to what all men in power and with money admit - that they feel unconstrained by the rules that apply to others. Hey, Conrad Black, arguably suffered from the same thing. My only issue is that it's now so commonplace for guys to admit such "entitlement" that it's become cliche. Oh, yah, that old chestnut, I thought upon hearing it.

[Comment From Jen Jen : ]

I guess none of you really get why he did the press conference. Because the media wanted it. The media decides everything. He didn't have to do this so why are you all bashing him yeah he did a stupid act but haven't we all done things in our lives we regret.

Rasha Mourtada:

Sarah and Jeff, thanks for joining us. Our hour's just about up. Any final thoughts on the apology to share with readers?

Sarah Hampson:

I don't agree,Jen. Yes, in part he had to feed the (media) beast, but I think this is all part of his so-called rehab - admit your mistakes, publicly, accept the shame, yadda yadda yadda.

[Comment From Andrew Andrew : ]

Yea, Mitchell. You are exactly right, since Tiger cheated I think I am going to go out and cheat now because I think everything he does is alright. Give me a break...

[Comment From brittany brittany : ]

the women who were "big and bad" to step forward and say they were with him should also make an apology. It takes two to tango and they cant say they didnt know who he was, or that he was married and had children

Jeff Brooke:

I thought the apology was sincere enough. Of course it was staged but it was still direct. He didn't use weasel words and even shed a bit a light on his mindset. But as a golf writer and fan, I'm left unsatisfied. I wanted to hear when he'll play next.

[Comment From Guest Guest : ]

Elin is Swedish, and that is why she was not there. She has never given an interview and she will never speak about their marriage.

[Comment From Guest Guest : ]

anyone here perfect?

[Comment From RS RS : ]

The guy's personal life is obviously going to take priority here. He has a lot on his plate, he's in therapy and he's probably going to want to devote his time to making things right with his family. Why would he mention golf? None of this has nothing to do with golf. He said he'll come back to the sport, leave it at that.

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