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Lolo Jones plus Twitter equals bad result

It was a bad week for Lolo Jones who took paralyzed Eric LeGrand challenge to a race seriously and trash-talked the former Rutgers football player over Twitter.

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GOOD WEEK It seems running back Trent Richardson – the lone ray of sunshine on a 0-4 Browns squad – is scoring for fun, both on and off the field. Last Sunday, the 21-year-old Richardson crossed for his third touchdown of his rookie season, and his progeny was quick to follow suit, with his girlfriend giving birth to his third child on Friday.

David Richard/AP

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That in itself should be cause for celebration in the Dawg Pound. After all, with a tailback that prolific, it’s surely only a matter of time before the Browns break into the win column.


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GOOD WEEK The former Raptors forward turned NBA analyst shed some light on Kobe Bryant’s 81-point output against Toronto six years ago. The Grantland Network asked Jalen Rose whether then-Toronto coach Sam Mitchell was sending a message to his team by refusing to double-team the lights-out Lakers star.


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Absolutely, but Kobe sent a stronger one to all of us,” he deadpanned, before echoing the thoughts of pretty much every Raptors fan by revealing what was said in the huddle. “We suck. We’re idiots. How do we let that happen? Why didn’t we clothesline that guy?” Fair point. But then hindsight’s always good for a double-double.

Phelan M. Ebenhack/AP

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BAD WEEK Veteran skipper Bobby Valentine took a nasty fall from grace this week, going head over heels and ending up in a ditch when he came off his bike in Central Park on Tuesday while reading a text from Dustin Pedroia.


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And things got no better Thursday when he was relieved of his Red Sox management duties after a solitary 69-93 season at Fenway Park. Still, the old riding-a-bike analogy is sure to come in handy when Valentine resumes his managerial career in pastures new.


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BAD WEEK Angels starter Zack Greinke will never be mistaken for Wayne Gretzky in Southern California, but at least the two have something in common, namely name snafus on the backs of their jerseys. But while the Great One would have shone whether his nameplate read Gretzky, Gretkzy or Griswold, the right-hander fared less successfully with a misspelled “Grienke” emblazoned across his shoulders last Sunday, coughing up the only four runs he’d earn against the Rangers before switching shirts.


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Though the Angels would eventually rally to win 5-4, as Greinke said of his misnomer, “We’d have won much easier if it wasn’t for him.


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BAD WEEK U.S. Olympian Lolo Jones may be known more for her looks than results, but she’s not one to back down from a challenge. “Get Checked for a concussion. Clearly, u’ve been hit in the head... Cos u arnt beating a track athlete,” was her Twitter response to former Rutgers college football player Eric LeGrand’s attempt to throw down the gauntlet.

Michael Lynch/AP

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And then she found out he’d been paralyzed in a game two years ago, showing that while she’s no stranger to getting her foot over hurdles, she’s not averse to putting it in her mouth every once in a while, too.


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