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Goaltender turns goal-poacher in return to action

Winners and losers in the world of sports

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IT’S BEEN A GOOD WEEK FOR MARTIN BRODEUR: The legends of the game always know how to put on a show, and the New Jersey Devils’ goaltender is no different. Returning to the ice after almost a month on the disabled list Thursday night, Brodeur led New Jersey out of its three-game losing funk with a 4-1 win over Carolina. As if that weren’t enough, he even got the Devils rolling on the score sheet with the opening goal, albeit inadvertently, giving him one more regular-season marker than some fellow called Gretzky. Brent Gretzky.


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IT’S BEEN A GOOD WEEK FOR BRYCE HARPER: As a former No.1 overall pick, reigning rookie of the year and one of the two franchise faces of the Nationals, the Washington star seems to have the world at his feet. But even with money, fame and 20-home-run power, Harper realized there was a void in his life – he wasn’t getting free burritos. Step forward Mexican restaurant Chipotle, which responded to an innocent Harper tweet about store locations with a personalized card for free burritos, something he’s already called “the best thing ever!” Who needs a World Series ring when you’re getting free guacamole?


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IT’S BEEN A GOOD WEEK FOR LIONEL MESSI: Even though the team put his face on the front of their jerseys, Pope Francis could do little to help his beloved San Lorenzo soccer team pull out a win in his first weekend on the job. But he’ll still have a fan in another exalted Argentine. The diminutive Barcelona star can’t wait to meet his countryman, which should come as no surprise given their commonalities. After all, while the Pope’s divine right is well known, having pillaged opponents with 91 goals last year, Messi’s divine left is nothing to be ashamed of.


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IT’S BEEN A BAD WEEK FOR ALISON REDFORD: Staying true to her principles, the Alberta Premier won’t be boarding the bandwagon – not in Edmonton, anyway. Redford admitted she is actually a fan of the Boston Bruins on Wednesday, the same day she reiterated that the province would not be providing any funding for the Oilers’ new $480-million arena. While the decision will likely anger Oilers owner Daryl Katz, it’s his team – and the Calgary Flames – that will be feeling the knock-on effect. After all, it’s not as if the Vancouver Canucks need any more reason to bring the pain when they face off against their division rivals.


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IT’S BEEN A BAD WEEK FOR RYAN WHITNEY: Given that the 43-year-old Teemu Selanne shows no signs of slowing down, mandatory visor use might not be the only thing the NHL considers grandfathering in, but make no mistake, hockey is still a young man’s game. That was never felt so keenly than by the Oilers‘ blueliner, who, at 30, is hardly over the hill, but given the whippersnappers surrounding him on the roster, is a veritable greybeard. So when he asked Taylor Hall, 21, and Jordan Eberle, 22, who a guy on Ottawa’s team was and if he was young, they simply replied, “No, he’s 26.” Ouch.


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